Pacific Rim: Uprising
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MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: “Pacific Rim: Uprising” The FAMILY Movie You Didn’t See Coming

There are a few things you should know about Pacific Rim: Uprising from the start.
It’s the follow-up to to 2013’s Pacific Rim, but without the benefit of Guillermo del Toro in the Director’s Chair. This means that it lacks the depth of story and emotional heft that made Pacific Rim a surprising hit. It also means that Uprising has the freedom to be the goofball monsters-versus-robots tale it always wanted to be and that it’s a full 20-minutes shorter than the original. These two important changes might not make Pacific Rim: Uprising a better movie, but it does make it one that KIDS will enjoy. Continue reading →

Ice Cube & Charlie Day


The movie Fist Fight looks ridiculous, doesn’t it? Why would a whole school encourage two teachers to fight each other? It’s just ludicrous, but you still want to see Fist Fight, don’t you? ME TOO! Why is that? Maybe it’s the adorable and always relatable Charlie Day. Or maybe it’s Ice Cube, because it would be terrifying to have him kick-ass MAD at you, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t really matter WHY we want to see Fist Fight, because I have FREE PASSES! Just click HERE to grab those, then watch the Fist Fight trailer below. Holy crap, it’s just like the time I got my butt kicked in a parking lot right before The Rocky Horror Picture Show! True story, for another time.