What to Rent Now: “Julie Says So” Top 5 DVDs (the Prince edition)

I know we’re all aching from the loss of him. What could we possibly do to ease the pain, other than listen to our favorite Prince tracks on repeat and share our favorite performances on social media? Well, you could have a Prince Movie Marathon. In fact, he’s just gonna go ahead and dominate our Top 5 this week, because that’s what Prince does. Whether it’s music, basketball or just good, old-fashioned sex appeal, Prince dominates.

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You should start with 1989’s Batman, starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. It was back during the funky Tim Burton-Batman days, and he says that Prince’s music affected how he wrote The Joker. Prince returned the favor by creating an entire collection of music, inspired by Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego. When his Batman soundtrack was released in 1989, it was Prince’s first #1 in years and signaled the end of a career slump. Continue reading →