FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “The Nut Job 2” & “Leap” EARLY & FOR FREE

I’m speaking to those of you who have been left in charge of the ankle-biters while they are out of school. I feel your pain!
I too have visited every park, accepted every play-date and purchased every kid-appropriate option GROUPON has to offer (Wait, can we take our kids to wine-tastings?)
What do we do with them now?
Lucky for us, I was able to wrangle up free passes to see The Nut Job 2 AND Leap!
Are they good movies?
WHO CARES? They’re FREE and they’ll keep your spawn from asking “What are we gonna do NOW” for a full ninety minutes. Heck, you might even be able to work in a little snooze while they’re watching the movie. Continue reading →

College room

The Dreaded College Drop-Off (Told from Both Sides)

So many of my friends have been taking their kids off to college lately. They post tearful GOODBYE photos on social media, then recount the awful first moments after driving away. My friend Wendy posted what might be the saddest account I’ve read yet and she was cool enough to let me share it here:

It SUCKS. That is the honest truth. I will not hold back any punches I will give it to my mom friends straight. Yes we are excited for them, yes we all post pictures of their dorm rooms, but here is the reality. Nothing prepares you saying goodbye and driving away. You feel like you’re having a part of your body ripped off. We got books on what to expect when you are expecting, toddler years, and so forth but where is the book on how to leave your child and not fall apart book? Anyone?? Here is how it goes…
You can’t say anything you want to because you are trying not to dissolve into tears in front of their roommates. All the things you need to say are stuck in your throat in a lump. No words of wisdom just a squeaky I love you escapes.
You get in the car and you cry and everything inside you wants to go get them and take them home. You then have to sit in a hot car( or could be a hot flash because that is just how the day is going) for 3 hours. 5 minutes away you get a text from them saying ” I love you so much! Thanks for being my mom and always staying my mom. And don’t forget you are still my Mom”. Then the ugly crying starts. Where your head hurts and the car is soooooo Freaking hot, put your head between your knees cry but you can’t because you are old and not flexible. So then it happens. DQ blizzard with fries and onion rings. Yep a proud moment of complete comfort food eating. Now you just feel sick so that was helpful. Your husband wants to hold your hand but you are in a don’t touch me mood because this is ALL his fault. Right!?!?
You cry at dinner, you cry at church, you just cry….
So here is what you can do my friends. I have cracked the code. You clean their room. Because in all that mess you go from wanting to kill them, because why is my kitchen bowl under his bed? To laughing, to starting a box to send with the things they forgot, to realizing you are going to be alright. See you know THEY will be alright but let’s be honest will we???
Clean their room… It helps

I was crying by the end of Wendy’s post and I barely even KNOW her kids. I won’t be leaving my own at a dorm any time soon, but I still get weirdly emotional just thinking about it. When I remember my OWN first night at college though, it gives me a bit of relief. I thought I’d share it, and hopefully ease the pain of all those aching Mom & Dad-hearts out there. Continue reading →


A BLOG For My Husband On Father’s Day (THAT’S How Cheap I Am)

My oldest daughter Emma has been a Daddy’s Girl from the start. She even brags about it and doesn’t understand why it annoys me. Her little sister Lucy however, is a Mama’s Girl through and through. Lucy was a restless baby and could only sleep if she was lying on my chest in the beginning. I think that’s why she imprinted on me so strongly, but it was little consolation for her Dad. She was never flat out MEAN to Dave, but she was more than a little apathetic about him. She also rarely responded when he said, “I love you, Lucy.”

He kept trying though.

He took Lucy on “Adventure Princess” camping trips and practiced soccer with her. He read books to Lucy nightly and occasionally switched them out for Super Mario Brothers on her DS. He never gave up or got angry with Lucy for putting him on the back shelf. He just kept trying.

Recently, the four of us were sitting on the sofa watching Star Wars. Lucy was snuggled up next to Dave, but I heard her clearly when she said to him,

“Don’t ever think that I don’t love you, because I do.”

Dave gave her a squeeze and they went back to the movie as if nothing had happened, but I know how important that moment was. I also know that there’s nothing in the world I could give Dave for Father’s Day that would be any more precious.

So Happy Father’s Day, Dave. You already got your gift, though it was one of your own making. Happy Father’s Day also to all of the Dads out there who saw the challenge in front of them and met it head on. THANK YOU for never giving up.

Gerald Hoyt

BLOG: Flying With Daddy

This is my favorite photo of my Dad. You can probably tell that it’s old and a little faded. It’s actually been living in a magnet-frame on my fridge for the past 10 years.

Dad’s always happiest when he’s flying, though he doesn’t do much of it anymore. He even sold his plane not long ago, which was a surprise to all of us. Most of my childhood memories involve sitting in the backseat of a small plane with a hamster cage on my lap (Yes, I insisted on taking my hamster with us though I can’t remember WHY). Continue reading →