Deadpool 2

“Julie Says So” MOVIE MINUTE featuring “Deadpool 2”

Here’s the latest “Julie Says So” MOVIE MINUTE, featuring my review of Deadpool 2 and the TOP 5 MOVIES TO SEE NOW. Check the FREE MOVIE PASSES page to see about Free Screenings and stay to the end for the HOTTEST NEW TRAILER of the week. Were you looking for something other than Deadpool 2? You can find reviews for Book Club HERE and reviews for Show Dogs HERE.

Ryan Reynolds

MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: What Age is Appropriate for “Deadpool 2”

There are 3 kinds of parents in the world:
Those who let their kids watch anything, those who won’t let their kids watch anything, and parents like me who fall in the middle. We tend to stress over the sex and violence our youngsters will see onscreen, but we still want to watch great movies with them. The MPAA rating system only works so much for Moms and Dads like us because we might not mind violence and profanity, but we still aren’t ready to sit through heated sex scenes with our older kids. So, what do parents like US do with a movie like Deadpool 2? Continue reading →