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I’d watch Woody Harrelson play just about anything and the idea of him as Admiral Chester Nimitz during WWII sounds almost perfect. He stars with Patrick Wilson, Ed Skrein and Luke Evans in Midway, which centers on that battle and how it was a turning point in the Pacific. So, who wants to see Midway EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

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I’ll admit to a quick giggle when I saw the poster for The Intruder and tried to imagine Dennis Quaid as the bad guy. He stars in this movie alongside Michael Ealy and Meagan Goode, who play the couple who buy his Napa Valley home. Quaid’s character decides he’s not ready to leave the house after all, which is when The Intruder takes an ugly Jack Torrance turn. I only needed one peek at the trailer to realize Quaid is actually quite terrifying, especially with that freakishly wide grin.

Holy crap! Run!!!
Holy crap! Run!!!
So, want to see The Intruder EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

Dennis Quaid

The TRUTH About “A Dog’s Purpose” (And Why I Still Won’t See It)

A Dog’s Purpose opens in theaters this Friday (January 27th) but I won’t be seeing it. I, along with the almost 8 million people who watched the TMZ video, was pretty freaked out by that scared dog. That’s not why I’m skipping it, though.

Since then, I’ve read the comments from the book’s author, W. Bruce Cameron, who claimed the video reflects nothing like what he saw when he was on-set. I also read a statement from the film’s star, Dennis Quaid, who says essentially the same thing. The comments from the film’s producer, Gavin Polone, affected me the most though. I think everyone should read those before making any further decisions about seeing A Dog’s Purpose. See, Polone is an Animal Rights Activist who has been scrambling since the release of that video to figure out exactly what happened. His description of the events shed more light on everyone’s actions, though we’ll probably never REALLY know what went on that day.

The difficult truth is that any video can be misleading AND people who love animals can make mistakes in regards to their care. If you wanted to see A Dog’s Purpose and are conflicted now, I think you should read all of the comments above and make a decision from there. Continue reading →