BLOG: My Secret Shame-Part Deux

I posted what had to be the NASTIEST blog I’ve ever put on this website last week and it was written almost entirely by other people. I belong to a secret Facebook Group that has been sharing their “Secret Shames,” so I wrote a blog based on them. Far more people read that post than ANYTHING ELSE I’VE EVER WRITTEN! So, I guess you people are sick in the head…just like me.

Here’s Round 2 but remember, they are foul. Like really really FOUL. There are countless swear words and yes, even more poop-talk. I also feel the need to apologize to Little People because…well, you’ll see why after reading it. Enjoy! Continue reading →


BLOG: My Secret Shame

I was recently invited to join a secret Facebook Group, which I didn’t know was even a THING. This one is comprised of some men but mostly women who have the exact same warped sense of humor as me. They started this page so they would have a safe place to post the stories they found and loved but were too filthy to put on their personal page. I, of course, jumped in head-first.

Someone on the page started a Secret Shame discussion recently, and everyone else joined in. The results have been nothing short of glorious. I asked if I could share some of these on my website and a handful of lovely people said I could IF they were posted anonymously. THIS is the result. Continue reading →