BLOG: What I’ll NEVER Wear AGAIN and Why (Courtesy of Michelle Combs)

A friend scolded me about a dress I wore on TV recently. She said that it didn’t reflect my “style or personality,” and then she asked who had styled me. Well, I’m not Jennifer Lopez and don’t HAVE a stylist, so I had obviously styled myself. Her comments hurt my feelings terribly, and I told her so. My friend apologized, then explained that she just didn’t understand why I would wear that dress. In other words, she apologized for what she said, then she went ahead and said it AGAIN.

The crazy is part is that I LOVE the dress in question, and bought it because it fit me so perfectly. I put it on in the dressing room and immediately thought of 10 different places I could wear it. It was on-sale AND I had a gift-certificate for that particular store, so it was the perfect purchase. I walked out smiling from ear-to-ear. How is it possible that something I loved and was so happy in wasn’t “my style?” How could a dress that I felt that comfortable in be a mistake? After all, the one accessory that trumps everything else is CONFIDENCE, correct? So, I think my stylist knew exactly what she was doing that day. Continue reading →

RAVES: “Aftershock London” at The Galleria Mall

I was on Good Morning Texas Friday for an “Out & About” segment and I’ve gotten loads of feedback about it. NOT because of how awesome I was, because that apparently wasn’t the case. No, everyone has been asking me about the dress I was wearing, which came from Aftershock London. I was introduced this store when they generously offered to outfit me for some big events this month. I went to Aftershock London to try on dresses and seriously felt like Cinderella hanging with her Fairy Godmother, but without the tragic backstory. Continue reading →

“Eliza’s Art In The Yard” For One-Of-A-Kind Designs

I’m lucky because I have several friends who are artists and designers. This is GREAT for me because I always get the best birthday gifts from them. It’s also a challenge because I want to buy EVERYTHING they make but as my husband constantly reminds me, “Julie you just can’t DO that!”

I choose instead to promote my friends whenever I can, like the show this weekend. My girlfriend Fatima Valentin is the metalsmith and designer behind Fantastultra, which will have a booth at Eliza’s Art In The Yard. Fatima’s been creating pieces that have a cool cosmic/vintage feel for years. Everything she makes looks like it came from a badass Virginia Slims ad circa 1971. Here’s a sample of her recent work but I plan to show up early and buy that giant garnet ring.


Several other artists will be displaying and selling their work Saturday so take time to check everything out. You can also get a reflexology treatment or massage while you’re there, or maybe even a henna tattoo. See you Saturday but remember, I CALLED DIBS ON THAT RING!

BEAUTY LIVE this Weekend at the Galleria Dallas

One of my favorite memories of Steve Kemble is when I walked in the Dallas Pride Parade with him last year. Steve was wearing a bright pink wig and a long white coat that would be perfect on a Mardia Gras Grand Marshall. He looked STUNNING and people stopped him on the street just to take pictures with him. Steve Kemble ALWAYS looks incredible, which is why I dressed as him for Halloween this year. You can imagine how ticked off I was when he showed up dressed as Elsa and was STILL prettier than me. Continue reading →

My “Rent the Runway” Review

“Ooo girl, you need to try Rent the Runway,” my girlfriend Ivonne said before going back to work on my mouth.

Ivonne is my dental hygenist. She’s become a friend over the years though, which is weird because 90% of our time together is spent with her hands in my mouth.

I was telling her that I needed to buy a dress for a party, but Ivonne had a better idea. She showed me the Rent the Runway app on her iPhone, where you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of their retail cost. You pick out a dress, they ship it and a backup dress to you and you return it in 4 days. Easy-Peasy right? Continue reading →

PARTY AT MADEWELL TONIGHT Featuring a Woven Laine Pop-Up Shop (& cocktails!)

If you waited in the REALLY long line to get into the Dallas Flea recently, you probably noticed that woven wall-art is having a moment right now. That’s thanks in part to local artist Laken Vanderwall and her Woven Laine pieces. They are unique, loom-made designs inspired by everything Laken sees around her and they have a cool Native-American vibe to them. Even better, they’re far more affordable than a typical piece of one-of-a-kind art. Continue reading →


MADEWELL: Trade Your Old Jeans in For New Jeans (that fit better!)

I felt pretty stupid the first time I walked into Madewell because everyone there seemed about 20 years younger than me. I took a cursory look around and then ran the hell out because I was worried my dentures would fall out or my Depends would start leaking. I went BACK though, on a Tuesday at 10am when no one was there and I found my favorite store in the world. Continue reading →