Dev Patel in "Lion"

MOVIE REVIEW (and FREE MOVIE PASSES): “Lion” is a Beautiful Gut Punch

Lion tells the true story of Saroo, who was only 5-years-old when he was lost and ended up thousands of miles away from his family. He spent the following months wandering the streets of Calcutta, searching for a mother whose name he did not know and a city he couldn’t properly pronounce. It took Saroo 25 years to finally get home, which he with the help of Google Earth and a great deal of luck.

Dev Patel stars in this true story but Sunny Pawar, who plays young Saroo, is the actor who stole my heart. It blows my mind when children, who are this young, are able to act so convincingly, and Pawar is consistently authentic. It makes watching him wander the streets, searching for food and dodging bad grown-ups, almost unbearable.

Saroo is eventually adopted and grows up living a charmed life in Australia. Despite this, he can never shake the ghosts of the mother and brother he lost. The second-half of Lion doesn’t offer the impact of the first (despite an ego-free and near perfect performance by Nicole Kidman), but it’s all barreling towards one phenomenal conclusion. –B

So, now you have to see Lion, right?

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