Sarabia, McGarry & Fisk

JULIE SAYS SO Fall Movie Preview on “Good Morning Texas”

I absolutely LOVE IT when I look at the calendar and see nothing but great movies on the horizon. That’s exactly what I was talking about on Good Morning Texas today. I joined Jane McGarry (who apparently cranks up rap music when she isn’t on TV) and Alanna Sarabia (who’s so young, she wasn’t sure who John McEnroe was…but we love her anyway!) to talk about Patti Cake$, Mother!, Battle of the Sexes, Home Again, 9/11, American Made and the movie I simply can’t stop talking about, It. I even had some juicy gossip to share about Jennifer Lawrence’s latest fling and our newest Pennywise the Clown, who scared some child actors on the set so badly, he left them crying. Click HERE to watch the segment, then visit the Free Movie Passes page to see what I’m giving away next. In fact, I should have tickets to see It very soon so check that page DAILY. Continue reading →

Geremy Jasper


I often call August the “armpit of movie season,” but that’s not actually the case. While we might see some pretty sad wide-release options, independent film flourishes this time of year. Take for instance, PATTI CAKE$. Time Magazine calls it an “instant classic” while Variety says, “One of the year’s most endearing discoveries.” It’s also been tearing up the film festival circuit and has already won a stack of awards. So, still think you don’t want watch Patti Dombrowski fight to become rap star in PATTI CAKE$? Why don’t you take a look at the trailer below and THEN decide? Continue reading →