MOVIE REVIEW: “Money Monster” Has Clooney Dancing Like a Fly Girl

You remember the Fly Girls from In Living Color, right? They would come out and dance between comedy sketches when that show aired in the 1990’s. I think Jennifer Lopez was even a Fly Girl for a period of time.

Well, Money Monster has George Clooney dancing like a Fly Girl and believe it or not, that isn’t the most ridiculous moment in the whole movie. The craziest thing about Money Monster is that it takes all of these completely ludicrous moments and somehow makes them work. Continue reading →


MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: My Kids Review “The Jungle Book”

Kids are spoiled when it comes to movies these days. If I compare what passed as Kids’ Movies when I was young (Benji, Willow, Ernest Goes to Camp) to what kids see today (Inside Out, Zootopia, Big Hero 6), I can’t help but get jealous. Even sweet and beautifully animated films like The Good Dinosaur get tossed into the “Meh” pile because they’re not as great as Wreck It Ralph or Frozen.

And now they have The Jungle Book. Sigh…it almost isn’t fair.

People have been asking me for months if this one is too intense for kids, which is understandable given the snake and tiger-heavy ads. My daughters and I saw The Jungle Book last night though, and can finally answer those questions. There are two things I should mention first, though. If you DO decide to see The Jungle Book, pay the extra money for IMAX-3D. It’s worth it. Also, forgive Lucy for being sassy and surly in this podcast. That kid needed to go to bed!