Free Film Festival Passes!!!

I have free passes to 2 film festivals this weekend, which is a HUGE relief for those of us who are completely out of funds. Seriously, I have 2 birthdays to shop for right now AND loads of back-to-school crap to buy. There’s also that massive summer vacation that just drained the reserves so thank goodness for freebies!

The McKinney Classic Film Festival is this Friday through Sunday and will feature the screwball comedies of Cary Grant. Sure he’s funny, but let’s all just take a moment to remember what a smoking hot fox Mr. Grant was.
Damn. Well, if you’d like to watch him be all cute and sexy FOR FREE, I have passes to watch 5 of his movies in historic downtown McKinney! Don’t feel like watching all 5 movies? Then leave and get a cocktail somewhere! You can do whatever you want because you didn’t pay for them!

I have 3 pairs of passes and they will go to the first 3 people who put their names in the comments (along with “McKinney” and the city on their driver’s license). Yes, they will check your ID at “Will Call” so don’t bother trying to cheat. If you don’t win but still want to buy tickets to the festival, click HERE.

I also have free passes to the Women Texas Film Festival that’s happening at the Texas Theatre all weekend. This brand new event will feature the works of established and emerging female filmmakers, as well as panel discussions, classes and PARTIES! Oh heck yeah, there’s even a karaoke night! I have 5 pairs of passes for the first 5 people who put their names in the comments (along with “Women TX” and the city on their driver’s license). If you don’t win but would like to buy tickets to the Women Texas Film Festival, just click HERE.

Don’t be greedy and try to get free passes to BOTH! You’ll have to choose one or the other and share the love. Have fun and watch out because you’ll probably see me there. Oh yes, because everything’s more fun when it’s FREE!


Talking About New Movies on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today, talking about some big upcoming movies as well as reviewing a few others. If you’d like to find out what’s opening in July OR hear my thoughts on The Legend of Tarzan and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, just click HERE.

I also previewed a new scary movie called Lights Out, but unfortunately all the free passes I had to see it are gone. Apologies also to director David Sandberg for almost forgetting his name! I decided to make up for it by posting the original short film Lights Out is based on, but prepare yourself. It’s scary!


Talking SUMMER MOVIES on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today to talk about all the big movies that are coming out this month AND review The Conjuring 2. I also got to meet their brand new host Alanna Sarabia, who is so gorgeous that I just wanted to stare at her the whole time. Click HERE to watch the segment and don’t forget to cruise my Free Movie Passes page for FREEBIES!


Talking MAY MOVIES on “Good Morning Texas”

I joined Jane McGarry on Good Morning Texas today to talk about all the big new movies that are coming out this month. Yes, Captain America: Civil War will probably own the box-office for a while but there are several other flicks you should add to your Must See List. Click HERE to watch the Good Morning Texas segment, and remember to check out my Free Movie Passes page. You never know what I might be giving away!

I also need to send out a huge THANK YOU to Tamara Gaudin from for dressing me today. Tamara pulled together some fantastic stuff from the Nordstrom at NorthPark Center and she can do the same for you! Find Tamara by clicking HERE and tell her I sent you!


Dishing the 2016 Oscars on “Good Morning Texas”

I had so much fun today on Good Morning Texas! It felt like a high school reunion because I got to see TWO former co-workers; Victoria Snee and Steve Kemble. Victoria and I went to each other’s weddings and the last time Steve and I were together, this happened:
Yes, I was dressed as him.

Today we put on our fanciest gear and hashed out the 2016 Oscars. Well, WE got dressed up. Steve Kemble wears that jacket to walk his dog. Click HERE to see our Favorite Moments from the 2016 Oscars and to watch everyone tear into Heidi Klum’s gown. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Belk at Galleria Dallas for providing my dress. I love that thing so much I might not take it back!



Dishing “The 2016 Golden Globes” on GOOD MORNING TEXAS

I joined my friends at Good Morning Texas today, to talk about The 2016 Golden Globes and it was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, I wish I could get up every morning and talk trash about celebrities with Jeanette Chivvis, Victoria Snee and Jane McGarry. The only thing I would change is the hair, make-up and clothes part because that’s REALLY STRESSFUL. Maybe we could just sit around in bathrobes, with our hair pulled back and clay-masks on our faces. That’s way more my speed!

We started by discussing The Revenant, and all the awards it scored at the Globes. We mentioned Arthur Redcloud from Colleyville, who plays a major role in the movie, and an article about him that ran in Guidelive recently. That was written by my friend Tommy Cummings, and you can read it by clicking HERE. Then watch us drool over Michael Fassbender and fight about Jennifer Lawrence’s cut-out dress by clicking HERE. Can’t wait until the Oscars!


MOVIE REVIEWS: Celebrating “Movie Day” on Good Morning Texas!

We celebrated MOVIE DAY on Good Morning Texas this past Friday and it was INSANE! The “501st Legion” was there (people in FANTASTIC Star Wars costumes!) along with R2D2 and The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, who regaled us with the Star Wars theme song. I sat down with Jane McGarry and talked about all the big movies that are being released over the holidays, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Click HERE to see that and watch out for a Chewbacca/Luke Skywalker photobomb. The glowing lightsaber gives it away!


MOVIE REVIEW: My Review of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” on GOOD MORNING TEXAS

I didn’t go to the WFAA studios this week for my review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the way I usually do. No, this time we did something totally different and met at Group Dynamix in Carrolton. They usually offer Team Building Adventures but Paige McCoy Smith was there this week to talk about their new Bow Tag games. It’s kind of like dodgeball, but with bows and arrows instead of balls. Oh don’t worry, the arrows have little bean-bags on the tips so no one actually dies. Click HERE to watch Paige talk to the Group Dynamix folks about Bow Tag, THEN watch my review of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Man, I can’t believe the whole series is over. (sniff)


OUT & ABOUT on “Good Morning Texas” Halloween Edition

I was Out & About on Good Morning Texas this week to talk about fun Halloween events in DFW. There are, OF COURSE, a million haunted houses and haunted forests to hit but we’ve heard rumors of rain all week long. Fortunately, it looks like the worst of it will hit Friday night and be on it’s way Saturday so we can Trick-or-Treat as planned. Rain won’t effect the Freaker’s Ball that 97.1 The Eagle is throwing again this year. Marilyn Manson, The Cult and Theory of a Deadman are some of the bands playing so click HERE for tickets.

If you’d like to watch the Good Morning Texas segment from Wednesday, just click HERE. I got most of my information from the The Dallas Haunted Houses Website, which has just about EVERYTHING cool that’s happening in North Texas this Halloween. It’s also where I found out about the Zombie Safari in Forney, which sounds AWESOME. Their website is but I encourage you to watch the Good Morning Texas segment anyway, if only for the last 30 seconds. That’s when Carrie McClure asked me if the zombies on the Zombie Safari were people dressed in costumes. That’s why I’m cracking up in the picture above, after telling her that NO, they were real zombies. Love you, Carrie!


Dishing About the 2015 Emmys on “Good Morning Texas”

Got up bright and early to talk about the 2015 Emmy Awards on Good Morning Texas and BOY was I nervous! Mostly because I stayed up late WATCHING the Emmys, which is probably why I had a massive brain fart just before we went live and forgot Peter Facinelli’s name. Luckily, I remembered all of the other Texas Connections, of which there were several on Emmy night. Here’s a link to the video if you missed it and thanks to Jane McGarry and everyone at Good Morning Texas for having me on! Continue reading →