PODCAST: Chatting About the BEST of 2015 Movies (including that little “Star Wars” pic) with Krys Boyd on “Think”

I joined Krys Boyd on NPR’s Think yesterday, to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens and some of the other best movies of 2015. We were also joined by Chris Vognar from the Dallas Morning News and KERA’s Stephen Becker. They are both film nerds of the highest order so the pressure to perform well was pretty high. I was up for the challenge though, because I relish any chance to talk about movies with those guys. Click HERE to hear the show, and listen carefully for the moment Chris Vognar calls the rest of us children and when I debuted the word “porn-y” on NPR.


The DFW Film Critics Association Picks The BEST of 2015

Did I tell you that I’m a member of the DFW Film Critics Association? Of course I did, because I brag about it constantly. See, I started covering movies as a side-gig to my regular radio job. I never expected anyone to pay attention to my reviews, much less take them seriously. I was shocked when the DFW Film Critics Association approached me because some of my favorite critics EVER are members. I sit with them at the screenings now, and it feels like I’m sitting at the Cool Kids Table.

Anyhow, the DFW Film Critics Association voted over the weekend and released a list of our BEST of 2015. I’ll post them below, along with MY picks, which didn’t always make the cut. I’d like to add that we are presenting this list in honor of Philip Wuntch, a longtime critic for the Dallas Morning News who passed away this October. Track down The Lady Eve, one of his all-time favorite classics, and watch it with Wuntch in mind.

BEST PICTURE OF 2015- Spotlight
Okay, this one was tough for me because Spotlight was my favorite movie of the year until this past weekend, when I saw The Revenant. It did come in 2nd place and I was happy to see that one of my other favorites, Sicario also made it in the top 5. Continue reading →


MOVIE REVIEW: “Goodnight Mommy” Follows A Rich Tradition Of Creepy Twins

A movie doesn’t always have to jump out of the shadows to scare the bejeezus out of you. Sometimes unease produces better results when it’s kept on a low, extended simmer. This happens to be the case for the Austrian psychological thriller, Goodnight Mommy.

Twin boys welcome their mother home from the hospital but she’s unrecognizable under bandages. Her demeanor has also changed greatly from the loving Mom the boys remember. The twins convince themselves that she is NOT their mother after all, but where has she gone? How will they prove it? Even worse, what if they’re WRONG?

It’s clear from the start that something isn’t right in Goodnight Mommy, but it’s hard to tell what exactly is wrong. Mom definitely isn’t herself but the boys, who collect cockroaches and play in graveyards for fun, seem a bit OFF as well. Hints are dropped and a story slowly unravels until the moment you clutch the armrest and call out your profanity of choice (I think I went with “HOLY SH*TBALLS!”).

I can’t recommend Goodnight Mommy to those who need men in hockey masks or computer-generated monsters to be scared out of their seats. If you like your scary movies with a touch of art, creepy cornfields and loads of melancholia though, Goodnight Mommy is the film for you. -B

Goodnight Mommy is playing at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. You can look for those tickets HERE.