BLOG: Tales From the Hamster Crypt

I’ve written volumes about hamsters lately.

It started when we bought one for my daughter two years ago, which brought back traumatic memories from my OWN childhood hamster. I wrote more when we discovered a growth in Snowball’s ear and were told that she had a common form of Hamster Cancer. The rodent blogs continued as the growth got larger but never stifled Snowball’s little hamster spirit. One friend even joked that she might be a Zombie Hamster.

The winds have shifted for poor Snowball though and she appears to be on the decline. Continue reading →


SNOWBALL: Zombie Hamster

Our hamster Snowball is sick.

It all started about 6 months ago when my daughter Emma noticed something inside Snowball’s ear. I didn’t think it was serious until it got so big that it was growing OUTSIDE of Snowball’s ear as well. That’s when I took her to the vet.

Yes, that’s right. I took a hamster to the vet which is an endeavor in itself since NO ONE treats hamsters. We found the only place in Dallas that would see her and that’s where they determined she has cancer. Hamster Cancer, believe it or not, is quite common and is the #3 killer of hamsters, right behind:

#1- Other Housepets and

#2- Neglectful Children Continue reading →