Attend Watching Parties for Amazon Prime’s “Hanna” in Dallas & Houston

Imagine for a second a teen-aged girl who has never seen herself in a mirror. How would a 16-year-old, who has never had the impressions of an outside world, see herself? What would she think when she scrolled through Instagram and saw girls her own age aspiring to certain images or goals? Then imagine that same teen-aged girl is a genetically modified killing machine who is being raised in the woods by her father. This is the basis for Hanna, starring Esme Creed-Miles (Saoirse Ronan played the role in 2011, when Hanna was released in theaters). It debuts on Amazon Prime March 29th, but watching parties will be held in Dallas and Houston before that, with free snacks, drinks AND a shot at $50 Amazon gift-cards! Continue reading →