PODCAST: “Julie Says So” w/ Caffeine, Free Movies & One SCARY Naked Lady

It’s been one crazy, emotional week and the hormones SURE haven’t helped. I might have let it all hang out in this podcast. Now I need a drink and NO, not coffee.


The “Julie Says So” Podcast is sponsored by Veecaravan. Don’t forget that their Pop-Up Shop is THIS WEEKEND! Make sure you drop by & say HI!


BLOG: My Gift to a Homeless Man & the Unintended Results

I see a homeless man every day after taking the girls to school. He lives at a DART bus-stop and always has multiple shopping carts with him, filled with cardboard boxes. The first time I noticed him, he had his pants-legs hitched up and was vigorously scratching some terrible looking sores on his legs. That’s when I named him Scratchy. Continue reading →