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BLOG: Why I’m Not Talking About Syria

I haven’t voiced my opinions about the Syrian refugees on social media or elsewhere, and I’m starting to feel guilty about it. Everyday I go online to post my latest movie reviews, but they seem frivolous next to the informative stories and angry rants I see everywhere else. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter and they’re quick to tell those who feel differently how wrong and uninformed they are. This is strange to me because I don’t HAVE a well-formed opinion. I know that I should welcome refugees into this country and do everything I can to help, but I’m also fearful of what might slip in with them. I know I shouldn’t let terrorism affect my actions, but I look at my daughters and realize I’d do anything to protect them. I’ve educated myself about the Syrian crisis enough to know that I’ll never TRULY understand it and that the refugees are fleeing for their very lives. I see the pictures of dead bodies in the streets though and I don’t just feel sympathy for them. No, I also see the faces of my own family on those corpses and think KEEP THIS OFF OUR SHORES!

It’s pointless though because this crisis will find it’s way into our country, whether we open the door to it or not.

This brand of terrorism hates everything we stand for and has no mercy. They will find a way and what will we do then? Stand and argue amongst ourselves about who was right? Is that what really matters to us, in the end? Or is it the RIGHT to voice our opinions that really matters? Is it possible to push our fears to the side and fall back on the beliefs we were originally founded on? Can we open our arms to those who seek shelter from tyranny and religious persecution, despite the ugliness that might sneak in with them?
I don’t know. That is why I won’t talk about it. Not anymore.