What if Bigfoot DID exist and he was just as interested in OUR existence as we are in HIS?
That is the premise behind the movie Smallfoot, where a Yeti named Migo encounters a human and tries to share the news with his village. No one believes him, so Migo sets out to find the land of Smallfoots (or Smallfeet, maybe?), hoping to bring one home to prove he wasn’t lying. There’s an outstanding cast here, with Channing Tatum, Zendaya, James Corden and LeBron James in his second feature length film (You remember how great he was in Trainwreck, don’t you?). So, who wants to see Smallfoot EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

Trolls 2016

PODCAST: “Trolls” Reviewed by My Kids & Their Friends

I took my daughters and our neighbor boys to see Trolls this weekend. Have you ever noticed how kids feel like they have to hate EVERYTHING these days? Was that the case with Trolls? Can the power of Justin Timberlake soothe even the grouchiest pre-teen? Listen to their Trolls review to find out! And don’t forget to subscribe to my website so you’ll always know when I’m giving away free movie passes!