Lucas Till

Free Movie Passes: See “Monster Trucks” EARLY & FOR FREE

The Holiday Break isn’t kind to everyone. Some people have kids who sleep until noon, then entertain themselves with their phones until someone forces them to stop. Other parents are woken up at 5am by high-pitched voices asking, “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY, MOMMY?”

Bless your sweet, exhausted hearts. I remember the days of 8am park visits and nonstop play dates, which is why I have some free movie passes JUST FOR YOU. Monster Trucks stars Lucas Till (who looks a bit like a young Mark Wahlberg) as a boy who realizes there’s a monster living inside his new truck. If you’d like free passes for you and your kid, click HERE then watch the trailer below. Does Monster Trucks looks good? You probably shouldn’t ask that question. No, just think of it as a chance to doze quietly while your kid watches their new favorite movie.
Monster Trucks opens in theaters January 13th and you can find tickets HERE.


The “Julie Says So” Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW

August is usually a rotten month for movies. It’s essentially a dumping ground for studios to unload their not-so-hot flicks right between the Summer Blockbusters and Oscar Season. That’s why I’m SHOCKED by all the fantastic films we have to choose from right now. If you DON’T normally go to the theater, you should change that now and I’ve made a handy list for you. Here are my Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW:
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Pic Minnette and Lang

MOVIE REVIEW: You’ll Be Holding Your Breath in “Don’t Breathe”

The less you know about Don’t Breathe walking into it, the better off you’ll be. I’m going to try my hardest to review this movie without telling you too much, but I’ve been known to spoil movies in the past. You’ve been warned.

Rocky, Alex and Money are small-time burglars who use Alex’s ties to a Security Firm to break into homes. They think they’ve found an easy mark with an old, blind man who is hoarding large sums of cash in his home. He turns out to be a Gulf War veteran though, who won’t turn over the goods as easily as expected. Guns are drawn, the lights go out, and all hell breaks loose. Continue reading →