Could the PERISCOPE App Save the World?

I was recently introduced to the Periscope app & became immediately addicted.

Wait, that’s not entirely true.

I got the app months ago when I heard someone gushing about it (as I am now), but did nothing with it. I even deleted it because seeing the app every day reminded me that something awesome was happening without me and it bummed me out. I realized it might be a good place to post movie reviews, so I gave Periscope another shot. I downloaded the app and started a broadcast, just to see how it worked. Within seconds, 10 people were there, saying “HI” and commenting about my hair. It was some heady stuff, but it also freaked me out because I was completely unprepared. I shut everything down and made plans to be properly dressed and make-up’d the next time I turned the damn thing on.

Since then, I’ve broadcasted movie reviews and Oscar chats on Periscope. I even filmed a strange moment at the park when a flock of Monk Parrots came to watch my kids and I fly a drone.

Obviously, that’s not the addictive, life-altering stuff I’m talking about. No, watching Periscope is what I can’t get enough of. Continue reading →