MOVIE REVIEW: “Money Monster” Has Clooney Dancing Like a Fly Girl

You remember the Fly Girls from In Living Color, right? They would come out and dance between comedy sketches when that show aired in the 1990’s. I think Jennifer Lopez was even a Fly Girl for a period of time.

Well, Money Monster has George Clooney dancing like a Fly Girl and believe it or not, that isn’t the most ridiculous moment in the whole movie. The craziest thing about Money Monster is that it takes all of these completely ludicrous moments and somehow makes them work. Continue reading →

Talking MAY MOVIES on “Good Morning Texas”

I joined Jane McGarry on Good Morning Texas today to talk about all the big new movies that are coming out this month. Yes, Captain America: Civil War will probably own the box-office for a while but there are several other flicks you should add to your Must See List. Click HERE to watch the Good Morning Texas segment, and remember to check out my Free Movie Passes page. You never know what I might be giving away!

I also need to send out a huge THANK YOU to Tamara Gaudin from for dressing me today. Tamara pulled together some fantastic stuff from the Nordstrom at NorthPark Center and she can do the same for you! Find Tamara by clicking HERE and tell her I sent you!