TRUMP: America’s Bad Boyfriend (How the Media Backlash is Fueling His Campaign)

I was watching a sketch about Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live last night, when I had a thought. What if all of these jokes about him are helping him become President?

Sure they’re funny (I’ve watched that John Oliver “Drumpf” piece three times already), but is it possible that they’re also part of the problem?

Think back to that bad boyfriend (or girlfriend) you had in high school. You know, the one your parents hated. You would sit through awkward dinners while your Mom expressed her concern and pointed out all of his flaws. You, of course, would jump to his defense and tell her about all the things he was doing RIGHT. Before long, it became a full-blown battle. It stopped being about this boy and whether and not he was appropriate, and became a fight over WHO WAS RIGHT. It even made that boyfriend seem more desirable, because he was forbidden, and we all know there’s nothing tastier than that fruit. So, you tightened your grip and held on to him while your Mom raged on.

Mom should have backed off and let you figure it out on your own because, if there’s one thing a bad boyfriend is good at, it’s showing his true colors.

Maybe you would have seen that on your own, without the boyfriend-crusade to cloud your judgement. Maybe you wouldn’t have wasted all that time on the bad boyfriend and considered your options a little sooner. Mom couldn’t help herself though, because she cared but also because she needed to be RIGHT, as well. But the battle over who is right or wrong doesn’t really matter when you end up married to the BAD BOYFRIEND.

Then you’re stuck.

So maybe we, the hand-wringing Moms of this scenario, need to back off and let everyone figure things out on their own. We just might be fueling the fires with our jokes and frustrated social media rants. Remember this, the next time you launch a political debate at a party or start writing another comedy sketch about Donald Trump (I’m looking at you Saturday Night Live). We could be part of the problem and, if that’s the case, we need to back off. Lord knows, we don’t need a bunch of little Trumps running around the front yard.