Mommy-Movie-Review: “Batkid Begins” (And Some Free Movie Passes!)

If you’re active on social media, you just might remember the day that a tiny Batman took over San Francisco.

It was November 15th, 2013 when thousands of people helped 5-year-old Leukemia survivor, Miles Scott live out his dream of being Batman. If you weren’t one of the hundreds of THOUSANDS who watched it in real-time on Twitter, it’s OK because now there’s a movie that chronicles not only Miles’ Dream-Day but also the years leading up to it. Continue reading →


BLOG: You Need to Know THIS If You’re Heading to “Kaboom Town”

Did you know that I use to be the voice of Kaboom Town in Addison?

Of course you didn’t. Why WOULD you know that? It isn’t like being the voice of Big Tex, where you get to wear a costume and greet visitors. That would’ve been awesome. I could’ve walked around dressed as Uncle Sam on stilts and said, “Howdy Folks! Welcome to KABOOM TOWN! The line for the bathroom starts here!” Continue reading →


BLOG: Birthdays In The Social Media Age

I don’t understand people who aren’t on Facebook. They say they’re too busy for such nonsense and don’t want the world prying into their personal lives, but I still don’t get it. How do they find out who their ex-boyfriends ended up marrying or who gained lots of weight? How do they conduct a proper background check on potential suitors or quietly stalk that girl from high school they were always so jealous of?

More importantly, how does everyone know when it’s their birthday? Continue reading →


BLOG: Reviewing (my friend) B.J. Cleveland in “The Nance”

You never know who your real friends are until things get ugly. I didn’t know that B.J. Cleveland WAS a real friend until he came to my rescue, TWICE.

We were just acquaintances who chatted through social media until last fall, when I got caught in a storm. I was driving down Northwest Highway when it hit and took conditions down to zero visibility. I pulled off the road to get out of the high winds when I noticed a group of people standing next to a building. They were motioning others to come in so I, in a state of panic, ran from my car and followed them. Continue reading →


BLOG: Volunteering With My Kids at the East Lake Pet Orphanage

If you’ve driven by the building above in Dallas, you’ve probably noticed how cute it is and wondered what was going on inside. I even watched as it was being built, and thought it must be a real estate office or maybe a Bed & Breakfast. It isn’t though, and I promise that what IS happening inside this building is far cuter than it’s exterior.

This is part of the East Lake Pet Orphanage by White Rock Lake in Dallas. The ELPO is a no-kill animal shelter and hospital, which cares for orphans and animals who have homes alike. They’re also known for taking in the pets who are abandoned by the lake, which happens with heartbreaking regularity. The vets and technicians at the ELPO do everything they can to rehabilitate these animals and get them ready for life in a NEW home. Continue reading →


PODCAST: Movie Chat With Trudi & Jim at WCSX in Detroit

I started reviewing movies for Trudi & Jim at WCXS in Detroit back in February when Fifty Shades of Grey came out. I love these guys because A) Trudi is awesome and because B) Jim lived in Plano & worked at KVIL for a while. He is awesome as well. I also love these guy because C) they will let me talk & talk & TALK. Any other radio stations I talk to keep my reviews under five minutes. This review is 14 MINUTES LONG! Lord knows, I could talk for DAYS if given the chance.
This week we discussed Magic Mike XXL, Ted 2, and your chance to see Trainwreck WITH Amy Schumer in NYC!
Thanks again to Trudi & Jim! Hope we can get cocktails together one of these days!


It’s a “Terminator Genisys” SWAG Party in Denton!

Are you excited about the new Terminator: Genisys flick? If you aren’t, take a look at THIS because it might change your mind.

Wow, that’s an awesome cast! You’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger (of course), Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney and even Emilia Clarke out of her blonde Daenery’s wig. It looks like Jai Courtney’s character is sent back in time to save Sarah Connor again but everything in the past has now changed. It even appears that John Connor is now the bad guy. Continue reading →


PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Ted 2”

I watched Ted 2 with Sybil Summers and Richie Whitt last night. We were also lucky enough to have guest Film Critic, Mark Walters from Bigfanboy.com join us. In the process, I drank lots of wine and admitted to a Seth MacFarlane fetish that I am now more than a little embarassed about. We also had what Mark called “the most awkward ending” of any podcast EVER, which I tried to edit out but only managed to make it worse. Apologies in advance for that. Otherwise, here’s our review of Ted 2. Enjoy!


BLOG: Be Brave, Be Strong & Always Fight for Happiness (for Lesley & Caroline)

***I wrote the blog below years ago after visiting my sister in Georgia. It’s about my niece and her fear of being alone, but it was also a thinly veiled message to my sister who was stuck in an unhappy marriage. She wanted out so badly but had convinced herself there was simply NO WAY. Since that time, she has lived through one of the ugliest divorces on record and discovered a whole new life. She also found a brand new love. My sister is happier and more peaceful than I’ve EVER seen her. Not only that, she just shipped her daughter off to France where my niece is currently partying like a college-student-abroad.
If you look at the picture above, you’ll see how happy they are and understand just how proud I am of them both.
Remember, there’s always a way out and yes, second chances are possible.
They say that HOPE is a dangerous thing but without it, we might not see that we deserve more or BETTER. Hope might be dangerous, but it’s also the first step towards happiness. Continue reading →


BLOG: Who Wants To Watch “Trainwreck” WITH Amy Schumer & Bill Hader?

I love Amy Schumer. Everybody does by now, right? She’s like that really AWESOME babysitter you had as a kid, who let you watch R-rated movies and stay up late. Then you saw her going out with her girlfriends one night and she looked so grown-up and sexy that you thought, “WHO are YOU?”

Obviously, I have a wicked-bad Amy Schumer girl-crush.

Anyhow, she has this new movie coming out July 17th called Trainwreck that looks hilarious. I haven’t seen it yet but they screened it at SXSW this year and everyone there called it “The Best Comedy of the YEAR!” It’s clear that we have to see this movie, but wouldn’t it be better to hit the Trainwreck premiere WITH Amy Schumer and Bill Hader? Well, you could.

All you have to do is donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to possibly win a 2 night trip to NYC and a walk on the red carpet at the premiere. Bill Hader will bring truffle popcorn to your seat and Amy Schumer will give you a “disappointing lap dance.” I wonder if she’ll give you a second one if it isn’t disappointing enough? There are different levels of donations but they start at $10 and even I can swing that. Click HERE to FINALLY have that shot at making Amy Schumer your bestfriendforlife, but you’d better share her with me. Or at LEAST share some of that Bill-Hader-Popcorn.