BLOG: Help Local Kids Bring Fresh Water to Uganda

My friend Brenda Rasco has some pretty amazing kids.

Her 10-year-old Parker is taking part in a summer academic camp called Junior DECATS Dallas. That’s where Parker learned that kids in Uganda don’t have fresh water. He also found out that those same kids often travel long distances just to drink from dirty rivers, which can make them sick. They spend so much time seeking out water that they don’t often get to go to school. This upset Parker so much that he decided to donate all of his savings to build a well for these kids. Evidently, Parker had earned $205 by doing chores this year and was planning to buy an iPad Touch. Instead, he said this to his Mom.

“Since you and dad provide for all my needs, I want to donate all my money to build a well in Uganda so those kids can go to school.”

How sweet is THAT? So Parker is donating his allowance AND he’s taking part in a WATER WALK this Wednesday to honor the struggle of kids in Uganda. The goal is to raise $3050 to build a well at the Ongutoi Primary School so the kids can focus on their education and have the clean water they need. Click HERE to donate and between you & me, I hope Parker’s parents go ahead and get him that iTouch.


A BLOG For My Husband On Father’s Day (THAT’S How Cheap I Am)

My oldest daughter Emma has been a Daddy’s Girl from the start. She even brags about it and doesn’t understand why it annoys me. Her little sister Lucy however, is a Mama’s Girl through and through. Lucy was a restless baby and could only sleep if she was lying on my chest in the beginning. I think that’s why she imprinted on me so strongly, but it was little consolation for her Dad. She was never flat out MEAN to Dave, but she was more than a little apathetic about him. She also rarely responded when he said, “I love you, Lucy.”

He kept trying though.

He took Lucy on “Adventure Princess” camping trips and practiced soccer with her. He read books to Lucy nightly and occasionally switched them out for Super Mario Brothers on her DS. He never gave up or got angry with Lucy for putting him on the back shelf. He just kept trying.

Recently, the four of us were sitting on the sofa watching Star Wars. Lucy was snuggled up next to Dave, but I heard her clearly when she said to him,

“Don’t ever think that I don’t love you, because I do.”

Dave gave her a squeeze and they went back to the movie as if nothing had happened, but I know how important that moment was. I also know that there’s nothing in the world I could give Dave for Father’s Day that would be any more precious.

So Happy Father’s Day, Dave. You already got your gift, though it was one of your own making. Happy Father’s Day also to all of the Dads out there who saw the challenge in front of them and met it head on. THANK YOU for never giving up.


PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Magic Mike XXL” And Makes It Rain

We were lucky enough to catch an early screening of Magic Mike XXL and to be honest, things got out of hand. There were stacks of fake money and hot guys dancing on boxes, and that was before the movie even started! I was joined by the usual Boozy Movies Film Critics; Rebekah Black, Sybil Summers and Richie Whitt but we also had a Special Guest Critic, Jasmine Sadry from Jagger Mornings on 102.1 the Edge! Here’s what we thought of the movie and well….someone just MIGHT have to turn in their Film-Critic Card.


VIDEO: White Rock Lake Spillway Before & After BILL

Sometimes I have a BRILLIANT idea that fizzles out like a damp sparkler. The most recent case of FIZZLE happened today when I completed my White Rock Spillway Series. I thought it would be fun to see the difference in the Spillway before and after Tropical Storm Bill, so I walked over there in the rain on Tuesday for the BEFORE shots. I got so many mosquito bites in the process that I had to dose up with Benadryl to get ANY sleep that night. I also found this giant, dead spider…who didn’t look so giant in his photos.

I returned today, completely covered in bugspray, and was disappointed to find that the lake hadn’t changed that much. I made the video anyhow and then spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to edit it all together. THAT’S why I’m posting this video. Not because it’s cool or shows anything dramatic. No, I’m posting it because I spent too much time on it NOT to post it. So here you go. Prepare to be underwhelmed.


REVIEW: New “Plat” App Brings the Grocery Store to YOU

Have you ever craved a freshly cooked meal but didn’t have the ingredients you needed? Maybe there was, oh I don’t know, a tropical storm named BILL dropping rain by the bucketfulls outside your house and you just didn’t want to drive to the store. This would be the perfect time to try the “Plat” app on your iPhone. Continue reading →


MOVIE REVIEW: “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl” (This Is Gonna Hurt)

Sometimes you fall in love with something even though you KNOW you shouldn’t. You go into it knowing that your heart will be broken, so you TRY to not get emotionally attached. Then, without even realizing it, you are head over heels and completely committed. That was my experience with Me and Earl and The Dying Girl. I knew immediately what was going to happen, but I let it hurt me anyway, so I guess I have no one to blame but myself. Continue reading →

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MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Disney Pixar Hits Puberty With “Inside Out”

Pixar hasn’t had the best luck with film critics recently. It’s last three movies Cars 2, Brave and Monsters University were met with mixed reviews and had some wondering if the animation giant had lost it’s edge. Now they’ve given us Inside Out, a film about an 11-year-old’s emotions which is Pixar’s most ambitious project to date. It also has film critics frantically searching Thesaurus for new ways to say “sweet” and “inventive.” Continue reading →


BLOG: Kids-At-Camp Blues

I know I’m not supposed to say it, but I miss my kids.

Well, I do NOW. Yesterday I dropped them off at camp and drove away filled with a sense of freedom I haven’t felt since college. What was I going to do with all of this FREE TIME? What WERE the things I enjoyed before I had kids? I could go to see a band. I LOVED live music before I had kids, but MAN they start playing so LATE these days. I could go shopping but any spare funds I had went into summer camp. I could take up smoking again. I use to LOVE that! My husband wouldn’t appreciate it though. Continue reading →


Video: My JURASSIC WORLD Review on “Good Morning Texas”

I was running late for my “Good Morning Texas” appearance this morning, plus I had my daughters with me, since they’re out of school. We were sitting in stand-still traffic when Lucy noticed that a May Fly was on the seat right next to her. Nonstop shrieking and thrashing ensued, which is always great when you’re stressed out and running late. I finally had to remove my shoe, lean as far as I could into the backseat, and squash it with my heel. That pretty much set the stage for the rest of the morning.
Click HERE to see my review of Jurassic World, and THANKS AGAIN to everyone at “Good Morning Texas” for having me on. I hope they invite me back!
Thanks also to my friend Meredith Yates with Stella & Dot for providing my accessories today. I got so many compliments on that awesome necklace!



MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Can My Kid Watch “Jurassic World?”

You can forget all the “KIDS” movies that are coming out this summer. My girls want to see the movie that has dinosaurs running amok and eating humans like they’re donuts. Yes, my daughters want to see Jurassic World and since they’re 7 and 11-years-old, I have mixed feelings about that. I’m apparently not alone either because I’ve gotten several messages from friends who want to know if it’s “Kid Friendly.” As is usually the case, that all depends on the KID. Continue reading →