VIDEO: Summer Movie Chat on “Good Morning Texas”

I was TERRIFIED about being on TV today but I think it went pretty well. I DID say “disingenuine” which I’m pretty sure isn’t even a word, but I held it together otherwise. Thanks again to Christine Visneau of Veecaravan for outfitting me and to everyone at Good Morning Texas for having me on. I’ll be back next month to review Jurassic World and I heard they might have something fun/scary in store!

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PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Poltergeist” & Tells Some Ghost Stories of Their Own

We were super excited about the podcast this week, for various reasons. First of all, we were all jazzed about seeing the remake of Poltergeist, but also because we had a real-live MOVIE STAR as our Guest Film Critic. Brad Hawkins from the movie Boyhood joined us and was adorable, like usual. If you’ve seen Boyhood, Brad played this guy.

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BLOG: To Spanx or NOT To Spanx

I’m going to be on on Good Morning Texas tomorrow to talk about movies and I’m pretty freaked out about it. I’m worried about looking fat on TV, which is stupid because I’m not exactly skinny to begin with. I don’t know why I expect to go on camera and suddenly look 20 pounds lighter but that’s exactly what I hope for.

I should know better because I spent a year doing movie segments on TV and I know the reality. Even if I don’t look fat, something’s going to be jacked up. It might be a weird clump of hair that’s sticking up or maybe zombie bags under my eyes. One time, the long necklace I was wearing draped around one of my boobs, like a sling. No matter how much I prepared, something would always be out-of-whack. Continue reading →


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “San Andreas” On Me!

I interviewed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson years ago when he came through Dallas to promote The Mummy Returns. He is GIGANTIC and surprisingly cute and cuddly. He hugged me. Like one of those pick-you-up-and-SQUEEZE-you hugs. THEN he kissed me on the cheek. He did the same thing to just about every other woman in the office and was equally as loveable with all the dudes. That is why I will always have a bit of a thing for The Rock and am excited about seeing San Andreas next week. I’ve seen the trailers and it’s just the kind of squirm-in-your-seat blockbuster that will get us all pumped about summer. Continue reading →


BLOG: My Secret Shame

I was recently invited to join a secret Facebook Group, which I didn’t know was even a THING. This one is comprised of some men but mostly women who have the exact same warped sense of humor as me. They started this page so they would have a safe place to post the stories they found and loved but were too filthy to put on their personal page. I, of course, jumped in head-first.

Someone on the page started a Secret Shame discussion recently, and everyone else joined in. The results have been nothing short of glorious. I asked if I could share some of these on my website and a handful of lovely people said I could IF they were posted anonymously. THIS is the result. Continue reading →


Mommy-Movie-Review: Disney’s “Tomorrowland”

Disney’s Tomorrowland asks the question, “What would happen if all the world’s greatest scientists, artists and creative thinkers were brought to live in one place? Could they build a better world?”

Tomorrowland is that place but we soon learn it isn’t the utopia it’s creators intended. George Clooney’s “Frank” and Britt Robertson’s “Casey” are called up to Tomorrowland at different times but by the same young recruiter (played by Raffey Cassidy). The idealistic wonderland has run across hard times and needs their help to rebuild. Continue reading →


BLOG: We Are “A Fishly” Moved Into Our New House

My daughter Lucy declared last week that as of May 16th, we would be “a fishly” moved into our new house. That day has passed and I’m happy to say that I’m writing this blog from our new kitchen. We spent all of Saturday moving boxes and furniture and most of Sunday wondering where all these scrapes and bruises came from. Are we the only ones who look like we’ve been in a prize-fight after moving-day?

Now we start the process of discovering our new home and finding out her dirty little secrets. The first one we found was a note with pool instructions that was taped over a giant hole in the wall. That wasn’t found until my husband took the note down Saturday to read it. There are fun things to be discovered, like the frogs outside our bedroom window who chirp at night, and the not-so-fun things, like the garage. Continue reading →

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PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Mad Max: Fury Road” & Freaks Out Over The Guitar Player

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road with Sybil Summers, Richie Whitt and Mark Blitch last night and COULD NOT GET OVER THE GUITAR PLAYER! Forget our review, you need to see this movie just to see THAT GUY!
I’m kidding. Please listen to the review. Also, don’t forget to grab free passes to see Poltergeist with us next week. You can get those by clicking HERE.

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BLOG: Is Tee-Peeing A House A Family Affair?

“Take the kids out tee-peeing! They’ll LOVE IT!”

This sage advice came from some friends I had dinner with recently. They were telling me about the BEST birthday party they’d ever thrown for their daughter and how it ended in toilet paper and ski-masks. The party started with games, cake and ice-cream, but then they took their daughter and her friends on a TP-Rampage that the girls (who are now in college) still talk about today. It was, without a doubt, the BEST PARTY EVER!

I think of these 2 as impeccable parents but I also wasn’t sure about introducing my kids to minor vandalism. I LOVED tee-peeing houses as a kid of course, but it was done in secrecy and certainly without parental supervision. We had to SNEAK OUT to do it. Continue reading →

Gerald Hoyt

BLOG: Flying With Daddy

This is my favorite photo of my Dad. You can probably tell that it’s old and a little faded. It’s actually been living in a magnet-frame on my fridge for the past 10 years.

Dad’s always happiest when he’s flying, though he doesn’t do much of it anymore. He even sold his plane not long ago, which was a surprise to all of us. Most of my childhood memories involve sitting in the backseat of a small plane with a hamster cage on my lap (Yes, I insisted on taking my hamster with us though I can’t remember WHY). Continue reading →