Trolls 2016

PODCAST: “Trolls” Reviewed by My Kids & Their Friends

I took my daughters and our neighbor boys to see Trolls this weekend. Have you ever noticed how kids feel like they have to hate EVERYTHING these days? Was that the case with Trolls? Can the power of Justin Timberlake soothe even the grouchiest pre-teen? Listen to their Trolls review to find out! And don’t forget to subscribe to my website so you’ll always know when I’m giving away free movie passes!

"Trolls" poster


My kids think they’re too cool for Kids’ Movies these days. They never get excited about anything and groan whenever I say, “Who wants to see (insert-PG-rated-film-here)?!” That’s not the case with Trolls though, oddly enough. No, they’ve been buzzing about this one since Justin Timberlake released the Trolls theme song over the summer and we heard it about 12 billion times on the radio. Even that didn’t dampen their enthusiasm so they’re actually EXCITED to see Trolls with me. Want to see it with us? Click HERE to grab a family 4-pack, then watch the trailer below. Good GRIEF, I love that Justin Timberlake!