Chris Hemsworth


My daughters and I have been pumped about Thor: Ragnorak for AGES. You know what has us the most excited though? Not the fact that Mark Ruffalo shows up as The Hulk, or that Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki. Nor were we jazzed that Cate Blanchett plays Hela the Goddess of Death or that Benedict Cumberbatch makes an appearance as Dr. Strange. No, the thing that has us excitedly tittering over Thor: Ragnorak is the fact that Chris Hemsworth cut his hair. And it looks GOOD. Sorry, not my proudest moment but it’s true. If Hemsworth’s new ‘do isn’t enough to get you excited about Thor: Ragnorak as well, maybe you haven’t heard that it’s getting rave reviews, or that I’ve got passes to see it EARLY and FOR FREE. Continue reading →


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Pete’s Dragon” ON ME!

Have you run out of things to do with your kids? There are still a handful of Summer Break weeks left and we’re almost out of KID’S MOVIES to see with them. If you’re like my family, you’ve seen them ALL. Even the ones that were so bad, you left your kids alone in the theater to play Pokemon Go in the lobby.

Fortunately for us, Disney is releasing Pete’s Dragon on August 12th. It stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford, and is about an orphaned boy and his best friend, who just happens to be a dragon. This one appeals to me because I love a-boy-and-his-monster tales like Iron Giant and How to Train Your Dragon. I’m also a big fan of Karl Urban (for reasons that need no explanation) and he plays “Gavin” in this movie, whatever that means.

If you’d like to take your kids to see Pete’s Dragon, just click HERE to get your passes, then watch the trailer below. Ooooh, the dragon is FUZZY! And Karl Urban is BAD!