Miles Morales

Why “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is the Superhero Movie We NEED

If you aren’t an avid Marvel fan, you might be tempted to blow off Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I’ll admit to a small eye-roll myself, when I saw that yet another version of Spidey was in the works, and that THIS ONE didn’t include Tom Holland. Then my daughter (who spends too much time watching superhero theories on YouTube) clued me in to the different Marvel universes and how Miles Morales (our new Spider-Man) plays into them.
The multiverse concept might sound extremely dorky to those of us who don’t follow the comics, but it works fantastically in the hands of an animation expert like director Bob Persichetti (Puss in Boots, Monsters vs. Aliens, The Little Prince). He has taken the story of Miles Morales’ interaction with a radioactive spider and slipped it almost seamlessly from page to screen. It results in the clearest example of a comic-book-movie to date, but it doesn’t always work. Continue reading →

Bad Moms


My girlfriends have been asking me about this movie for months.
Julie, are you getting free passes to A Bad Moms Christmas? Can I get some if you do???
I’m not sure what it says about me, that my girlfriends hear BAD MOM and immediately think of ME, but…they’re right. I DO have free passes to see A Bad Moms Christmas Continue reading →


Mommy-Movie-Review: Can My Kids See “The Visit?”

My kids have been bugging me about The Visit for WEEKS now. Evidently, they’ve been discussing it with their buddies at school and sitting around iPads at sleepovers, repeatedly watching the trailer. My 8 and 11-year-olds begged to see The Visit, pointing at the PG-13 rating since I often allow those. I honestly couldn’t decide so I saw the movie by myself to make an assessment. Before we go any further, watch the trailer below so we’re on the same page. Heck, even if you’ve already seen the trailer, just watch it again for kicks.

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