BLOG: The Forgotten Art of Prank Calls

The best talks I have with my daughters usually happen when we’re driving to school. They’re riled-up for a new day and I’m groggy from coffee-depletion so I tend to reveal things to them that I shouldn’t.

It happened this morning when Emma told me about her friend who has been prank-calling people and claiming to be “Mr. Dinkleberry.” She giggled furiously at the name but I rolled my eyes.

“Emma, if you want to know about prank calls, I’ll TELL you about prank calls,” I said.

See, I saw myself as Prank-Call-MASTER when I was young and would spend entire weekends working the phones with my accomplice, Tamela. Continue reading →


How to Make a Kid Shut Up

There’s a horrible reality about parenting. Sometimes we wish our kids would just shut the hell up.

A child who has your attention will talk continuously and it’s usually about something like “My Little Pony” or Minecraft. You, as a loving parent (who wants to keep future therapy bills to a minimum) will smile and nod and do your best to keep up. Yes, because a child who is telling you A VERY IMPORTANT STORY will stop occasionally to make sure you are listening so you can’t zone out and make a mental list of shoes you’d like to buy. That’s why you listen and keep listening until you can distract the child long enough to escape the room.

I have found a way to stop all of that. Continue reading →