The Real Housewives of Dallas: Who Is REALLY to Blame for Low Ratings?

I watched the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas yesterday and to be honest, I was completely pissed by the time it ended. This one (entitled “Black and Blues”) wrapped up with a Gothic State Fair party thrown at Heidi Dillon’s house and it had all the promise of a cat-fight in a Walmart parking lot. Instead, people got uncomfortable and went home.

Wait a minute? Isn’t this the Real Housewives we’re talking about? Isn’t “getting uncomfortable” THE POINT? Continue reading →

BEAUTY LIVE this Weekend at the Galleria Dallas

One of my favorite memories of Steve Kemble is when I walked in the Dallas Pride Parade with him last year. Steve was wearing a bright pink wig and a long white coat that would be perfect on a Mardia Gras Grand Marshall. He looked STUNNING and people stopped him on the street just to take pictures with him. Steve Kemble ALWAYS looks incredible, which is why I dressed as him for Halloween this year. You can imagine how ticked off I was when he showed up dressed as Elsa and was STILL prettier than me. Continue reading →