Tom Hanks

Is “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” the Film Mister Rogers Deserves?

I’ve had a chip on my shoulder about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood since it first went into production. I was bothered by the thought of anyone playing Fred Rogers (yes, even Tom Hanks) but I was mostly still upset that Won’t You Be My Neighbor (the 2018 Fred Rogers documentary) wasn’t even nominated for the Oscar it deserved to win. I didn’t even like the title of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (too wordy) or its trailer (disingenuous), so I walked into the screening just daring it to prove me wrong. Continue reading →

Grant & McCarthy

MOVIE REVIEW: Why You NEED to See “Can You Ever Forgive Me”

Melissa McCarthy doesn’t have the best track record. She’s knocked it out of the park a few times (Bridesmaids, St. Vincent, Spy), but she’s also kept her plate full with “winners” like The Boss and The Happytime Murders. I’d understand if you were tempted to ignore her latest, Can You Ever forgive Me, but DON’T. In fact, here are my Top 3 Reasons why you NEED to see it.
1) See Can You Ever Forgive Me to get to know its director Continue reading →