Tom Cruise

PODCAST: “American Made” Movie Review (and Tom Cruise’s Butt-Double)

I saw American Made (starring Tom Cruise and directed by Doug Liman) last night with two of my movie buddies, Andrew Conway and Mark Walters of Then we had to sit down and come to terms with the fact that Tom Cruise is 55-freaking-years-old! How is that even possible??? Is American Made worth your time and hard earned money? Will you really get to see Tom Cruise’s naked butt or is that a butt-double? Listen to the podcast below to find out! And don’t forget to check my website to see what FREE MOVIE PASSES I’m giving away next! Continue reading →

A Haunted Night on The Queen Mary (A Secondhand Ghost Story)

Twice in my life, I’ve been woken by things I can’t explain.

The first time was about 4 years ago, when I was roused by something tickling my foot. I pulled my leg back under the covers and sat straight up in bed, but there was nothing there. The second time, I woke up crying out in pain because something was pinching my calf. Again, there was nothing unusual in my room and no signs of trauma on my leg, though it hurt like hell.

I was fully asleep in both instances though, and can’t be sure they didn’t stem from dreams. I’m also prone to vivid nightmares, which could have played a part in the realness of it all. In other words, even I, the person who experienced these things, can’t vouch for their validity. They ARE the reasons, however, that a friend’s recent story piqued my interest.

Mark Walters is a fellow Film Critic and an all-round good-guy (You can-and should-find his website at He’s one of my favorite movie-buddies and we compare notes about films on a regular basis. Mark is also about as no-nonsense as you can get. He doesn’t over-exaggerate and isn’t prone to hysterics (like SOME people…me), so I was shocked to hear his recent story of paranormal activity. Continue reading →

PODCAST: “Hardcore Henry” Is WORTH the Inevitable Nausea

I’m in movie theaters all the freaking time. I see anywhere from 2 to 5 movies a week so it’s pretty great when something totally new comes around, like Hardcore Henry.

This review comes with warnings though, like the scary list of maybes you hear after a pharmaceuticals ad.

Hardcore Henry might make you barf, and if it doesn’t, it will certainly make you think about barfing. It will probably give you a headache, too. There will be moments when you’re totally confused and can’t figure out what the hell is going on. You might even walk out of the theater still unsure of what you just watched.

But you should still go see Hardcore Henry.

Listen to the podcast below and Rebekah Black and I will tell you why. Oh, and we both had to eat a chicken sandwich immediately after the movie, just to settle our nerves. That’s how hardcore Hardcore Henry is! If you need proof, just watch the trailer right below the podcast. See what I mean???

Chatting About Bigotry & the Reality of Pet Bunnies With the Directors of “Zootopia”

I have to start by saying THANK YOU to Mark Walters from for getting sick and letting me fill in for him for this interview. Mark and I saw Zootopia together and I know how excited he was to meet the directors, Byron Howard and Rich Moore. He lost his voice at an Oscar party the night before though (probably from screaming DENIED when Stallone lost that statue) and asked if I could help. I was thrilled to do so since I loved Zootopia as much as he did. Byron Howard also directed Tangled and Bolt, while Rich Moore helmed Wreck It Ralph so I was itching to talk to these guys before even seeing Zootopia.

Before you watch though, I have to address the fact that I always look like crap in these interviews. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or camera angles but they always turn me into a monster. Sorry, I’m vain so I had to address the bright orange elephant in the room.

Don’t forget that Zootopia opens this weekend, and it’s the perfect movie to share with your kids over Spring Break. Click HERE to get your tickets in advance.

(Clothing provided by Belk at Galleria Dallas.)

PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Ted 2”

I watched Ted 2 with Sybil Summers and Richie Whitt last night. We were also lucky enough to have guest Film Critic, Mark Walters from join us. In the process, I drank lots of wine and admitted to a Seth MacFarlane fetish that I am now more than a little embarassed about. We also had what Mark called “the most awkward ending” of any podcast EVER, which I tried to edit out but only managed to make it worse. Apologies in advance for that. Otherwise, here’s our review of Ted 2. Enjoy!

BLOG: Are YOU My Mentor?

People think I’m kidding when I say it but I learned things while chaperoning Catholic School Camp last week. In fact, there’s one lesson in particular that I can’t stop thinking about.

We were praying of course (because it’s Catholic School Camp and that’s what you DO) and the Camp Couselors told us to pray for our Mentors.

“I don’t have any MENTORS,” I thought. “I’ve been doing all this stuff by MYSELF.” Continue reading →