JSS Movie Minute: “Morbius” & “You Won’t Be Alone” Reviews PLUS Yet Another Will Smith Discussion

Apologies in advance but we simply had to discuss the Will Smith incident again (plus Rebekah has an interesting theory she wanted to share). We also have quick reviews of You Won’t Be Alone & Marvel‘s Morbius before introducing you to the latest from Robert Eggers, The Northman (see that trailer below). Remember to find more movie reviews and free movie passes at JulieSaysSo.com

JSS Movie Minute: “The Batman,” “A Madea Homecoming,” “Severance” & “Morbius”

We’re back this week with a look at Robert Pattinson in The Batman and Tyler Perry’s latest, A Madea Homecoming. We’ll also let you know if some of the latest streamers (SeveranceOzark Season 4 & Peacemaker) are worth your time. The JSS Movie Minute will be back later this month with reviews of The Lost City and Everything, Everywhere All At Once but in the meantime, check out Jared Leto in the Morbius trailer below.