Charlize Theron

MOVIE REVIEW: Charlize Theron in “Tully” (Why We Need MOM FRIENDS)

One thing kept going through my mind while watching Charlize Theron play an exhausted mother in Tully: Where are her Mom Friends?
Theron plays “Marlo,” who has two small children and one baby who simply won’t let her sleep. Though her husband (Ron Livingston) helps a little, the tedium of a newborn and endless nights have led her to a breaking point. In steps her wealthy brother (Mark Duplass), who offers some relief in the form of a night-nurse, “Tully.”
I could’ve used a Tully, but honestly, nothing brings sanity to those loud, sleepless baby-years like your MOM FRIENDS.
I didn’t have Mom Friends when I had my first baby and the walls started to close in on me. I couldn’t revel in the Joys of Parenting because I was too busy worrying about my child’s “important milestones” or trying to piece together a few consecutive hours of sleep. I felt like a failure, on so many levels, until I met another Mom while taking my baby on a stroller-walk. We talked about “crying it out,” and “teething,” and all the other things you can’t talk to normal people about. That one conversation gave me such relief, and our stroller walks continued daily until we picked up more Moms and more babies. Before long, we were like a Coven of Neighborhood Mothers, leaning on and assuring each other that we were doing a good job and that everything was going to be alright. Continue reading →


BLOG: Kids FINALLY Go The F*** To Sleep With “Sleep Happy”

We have a story that we like to tell, about my daughter Emma when she was a baby. Emma was USUALLY a good sleeper but she occasionally went through periods of waking up at night. Our doctor told us to let her “cry it out,” but she wouldn’t just cry. No, on the night of our story, Emma stood in her crib, leaned over the edge and POUNDED on her bedroom door. She wanted to get up and eat the apple she didn’t finish at dinner, so she screamed “I WANT MY APPLE,” as she pounded. She emphasized each word with a THUD from her tiny fist.


This continued for about 30 minutes, while my husband and I hid under the covers and giggled. Well, we giggled for the first 10 minutes of her tirade, but then it got pretty annoying. Emma eventually slept through the night again, but she still occasionally goes through periods of restlessness. She is 11-years-old now but she will still sometimes make the tearful trek down the hall to tell us, “I can’t sleep.” I know that Emma is not alone and that her sleepless nights are nothing compared to the insomnia some of her friends suffer. I also know that I have several friends who share their beds with spouses AND kids, though they don’t openly discuss it.

All of this popped into my mind when I saw that my old friend Jessica Bryant had started a new business as a Child and Infant Sleep Consultant. Jessica and I had babies around the same time and struggled through that first difficult year of motherhood together. I always loved her because Jessica never faked it or pretended that her baby was perfect (we all know THAT Mom). She would always commiserate over a glass of wine with me, but Jessica had a background in Child Developement so she also had real, workable advice. Any Mom will tell you how VALUABLE that is during the first year of parenting. Then Jessica got pregnant with twins, so we essentially lost our wine and commiserating time with her.

It’s been 10-years and Jessica’s children are now all in school, so she decided to take the knowledge she’s obtained and help others with it. Continue reading →


BLOG: It’s Time to Stop Mom Bashing

It’s Back-to-School time and all the Mom-Bloggers out there (me included) have been busily voicing our complaints (I personally can’t decide which I hate more: magazine sales or SignUp Genius). I’ve noticed an unsettling trend though, of Moms bashing Moms and even worse, other Moms joyfully joining in.

Look, we don’t need to beat each other up. Believe me, the WORLD loves bagging on us as it is. Haven’t you noticed that? Look around and you’ll see that “Moms” in the media are lumped into 2 categories: The Alpha-Mom Who Overdoes It and Annoys Everyone and The Cool Mom Who Essentially HATES Motherhood. It’s funny because I don’t know ANY Moms who are like this. Most of us just drift back and forth between the two cateogries, feeling various degrees of JOY and LOATHING along the way.

I’m annoyed by the way we’re depicted but I also don’t really care because being a Mom is a day-to-day thing. You don’t really GET it until you’re DOING it. Well, I do remember one time when I DID care. I was listening to a female DJ who said she could no longer like a certain band because “the soccer Moms had started loving them.” I just stared at my radio and screamed, “F**k YOU, Jenny Eliscu!” Otherwise, I didn’t care about mom bashing, until I started to see it in Mom Blogs. Continue reading →


BLOG: Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s Your Annual Anxiety Attack

I ask for the same thing every year for Mother’s Day:

Shopping money & time to go out & spend it.

This was a special treat back when my kids were small and had to be held, entertained and wiped frequently. A little time alone to shop was like a spa treatment. Actually, EVEN BETTER if I found something on sale that fit nicely. I remember one particular late night trip to Super Target that felt like HEAVEN. The store was cool and well lit, so I got a Starbucks and even tried on clothes. It was so far beyond my usual scope of experience at that point, it almost felt illicit. Continue reading →

Me & Emma

BLOG: I Didn’t Become a Mom the Day I Had a Baby

Today is my daughter Emma’s 11th birthday. We prepared for it last night the same way we do every year, by telling her the story of her birth. My husband did the honors this time, telling Emma all about the cheeseburgers he made for dinner that night and how it was storming when we drove to the hospital. I was thinking about a different day though. I thought about the day 4 weeks before Emma’s birth when my doctor said, “This baby is coming ANY minute now!”

I burst into tears when he said that. Continue reading →