PODCAST: “Hardcore Henry” Is WORTH the Inevitable Nausea

I’m in movie theaters all the freaking time. I see anywhere from 2 to 5 movies a week so it’s pretty great when something totally new comes around, like Hardcore Henry.

This review comes with warnings though, like the scary list of maybes you hear after a pharmaceuticals ad.

Hardcore Henry might make you barf, and if it doesn’t, it will certainly make you think about barfing. It will probably give you a headache, too. There will be moments when you’re totally confused and can’t figure out what the hell is going on. You might even walk out of the theater still unsure of what you just watched.

But you should still go see Hardcore Henry.

Listen to the podcast below and Rebekah Black and I will tell you why. Oh, and we both had to eat a chicken sandwich immediately after the movie, just to settle our nerves. That’s how hardcore Hardcore Henry is! If you need proof, just watch the trailer right below the podcast. See what I mean???