CITY HIKES: The Shortest Hike EVER at The Fort Worth Nature Center

The Fort Worth Nature Center is one of my favorite places to hike in North Texas. I took my kids to check it out last year on one of those weird COOL summer days. We WENT because we’d heard about the Greer Island Goat Man who supposedly roams the preserve and terrorizes teenagers. You can read more about HIM by clicking HERE. Continue reading →


BLOG: Braving the Flood of 2006 (Was it BRAVERY or STUPIDITY?)

I can’t get over the rain we’ve had lately. I hope this means that our summer won’t be as hot or dry as usual but this being Texas, that probably won’t be the case. This nonstop deluge has reminded me of the only other flood I experienced back in March of 2006. I remember it clearly because I was one of the smart people out driving in it. Continue reading →