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It’s officially Christmas, now that Halloween has passed.
I know this for a FACT because I went to the mall today and they were already putting up Christmas decorations. True story. I also know it’s officially Christmas because I just got a bunch of free passes to a holiday movie called The Star. This one stars Tyler Perry, Kristin Chenoweth, and Steven Yeun and tells the story of Dave the Donkey, who apparently saved Jesus somehow. Look, you could overthink it and fight the onslaught of Christmas OR you could just trade that Pumpkin Spice Latte in for a Peppermint Mocha and roll with it. Continue reading →


BLOG: The Dangling Carrot of Body Acceptance (Courtesy of Caissie St.Onge)

I had never heard of Caissie St.Onge until today, when someone shared a Facebook post of hers. She’s actually a pretty big, freaking deal though, having written for The Late Show with David Letterman, VH-1’s Best Week Ever and even Joan Rivers herself. St.Onge even wrote a young-adult novel called Jane Jones: Worst Vampire. Ever which I plan to purchase and read as soon as I’m done here. (You can too, by clicking HERE.)

Caissie wrote a fantastic piece about Oprah and Weight Watchers recently, and it struck me because Body Acceptance is a big issue in our house. Body Acceptance (and my inability to achieve it) has always been an issue in my life, having started my first mother-assisted-diet when I was only 9-years-old. I’ve battled my weight and my perceived imperfections for my entire life and I promised myself my own children would not do the same. I didn’t care what they looked like, I just didn’t want them to dislike themselves the way I always have. Now I have two perfectly healthy little girls who already dissect and criticize their bodies like grown women, dispite my attempts to keep that language out of our house. I can’t block the images they see once they walk out the door, or the things that kids talk about at school. My girls even hear it from the grown-ups around us, whether they’re talking about themselves or their own children. I hate to admit it, but my daughters have probably even heard me saying terrible things about my own body. Continue reading →