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BLOG: Cleaning Cat Barf Off Of Broken Glass

The whole thing started innocently enough.

My cat Maggie has decided that she likes to eat spiders out of the corners of our house. There are apparently LOADS of these because she usually has spiderwebs in her whiskers these days. I think this is cute and have been trying to get a picture of it, like the one above. Maggie wasn’t cooperating though, and made me chase her through the kitchen to get this shot. Right after it was taken, she jumped on our kitchen table, where I had my computer and coffee ready for a morning of writing. Maggie isn’t ALLOWED on the table, which might be why she decided to barf on it at that very moment. She also had remarkable aim and horked directly onto my mouse. This is when I screamed of course, because it was disgusting but also because it landed dangerously close to the aforementioned computer and coffee. My scream startled Maggie, which caused her to do one of those Scooby-Doo dashes. You know, where they scramble for a moment before actually getting the traction needed to run? This action sent the barf-covered-computer-mouse AND my glass of water falling to the floor, where the glass shattered (of course). Now there is barf-covered-broken-glass all over my floor and a terrified kitty in my lap. I would take a picture of the whole thing but seriously, I think that would be pushing my luck.


BLOG: These Are Not Cats. They Are Terrorists.

Pictured above are my cats.

By day, this is essentially what they look like. All sweet and warm and fuzzy but by night, they become tiny Cat Ninjas, hell bent on destruction.

My friend Kyle says that cats are a “misery-loves-company kind of pet. If they aren’t happy, NO ONE is happy.” If that’s the case, my cats are in full-blown agony. See, we just returned from our summer vacation which kept us away for 10 straight days. This has not gone over well with our cats, despite having a cat-sitter who stayed at our house and lavished them with affection. No, it wasn’t enough and was apparently so traumatic that it gave JB a wicked case of watery bowels. JB is the brown cat and his litter box currently resembles the darkest, most dangerous corners of a psyche ward. Continue reading →


East Lake Pet Orphange Launches “Clear the Shelter Month!”

My kids and I have been volunteering at the East Lake Pet Orphanage all summer and have LOVED IT! One of the perks of volunteering is that you learn about big events as soon as they’re happening, like this one. I just got the email about Clear the Shelter Month today and had to share the good news. This is what is said:


ELPO is promoting our VIP orphans, those who have been with us over six months! This promotion will waive adoption fees, and the adoption cost will be $25 to offset the expense of microchipping. Application must be made and background check for approval completed. The following list is the orphans that qualify for the promotion. Continue reading →


BLOG: Tales From the Hamster Crypt

I’ve written volumes about hamsters lately.

It started when we bought one for my daughter two years ago, which brought back traumatic memories from my OWN childhood hamster. I wrote more when we discovered a growth in Snowball’s ear and were told that she had a common form of Hamster Cancer. The rodent blogs continued as the growth got larger but never stifled Snowball’s little hamster spirit. One friend even joked that she might be a Zombie Hamster.

The winds have shifted for poor Snowball though and she appears to be on the decline. Continue reading →


SNOWBALL: Zombie Hamster

Our hamster Snowball is sick.

It all started about 6 months ago when my daughter Emma noticed something inside Snowball’s ear. I didn’t think it was serious until it got so big that it was growing OUTSIDE of Snowball’s ear as well. That’s when I took her to the vet.

Yes, that’s right. I took a hamster to the vet which is an endeavor in itself since NO ONE treats hamsters. We found the only place in Dallas that would see her and that’s where they determined she has cancer. Hamster Cancer, believe it or not, is quite common and is the #3 killer of hamsters, right behind:

#1- Other Housepets and

#2- Neglectful Children Continue reading →