BLOG: Is “Rent the Runway UNLIMITED” Worth the Cost?

Look, I am not a Fashion Blogger.

I’ve written volumes about my style inequities and we all know that I’m more of a Fashion Victim than Trend Setter. That said, I do know when something works, which is why I’m writing about Rent the Runway UNLIMITED.

I discovered Rent the Runway through a girlfriend last year and even chronicled my experiences with them on this website. (You can read that by clicking here.) I was also interviewed by the BBC about renting designer clothes, which was especially cool because they talked about 50 Cent in the same article. They also made me sound much fancier than I actually am, but you can read that one by clicking here.

It was around this time that I realized Rent the Runway was offering a new plan. Instead of renting one dress, you can now rent as much as you want for a single monthly fee. Go online, pick out 3 items from their clothing or accessory collection (they carry Plus Sizes too), then keep them as long as you want. If you hate them, you can send them back immediately and rent 3 more items. If you love them, you can purchase them for a discounted price. I had some extra Mother’s Day money in my pocket, so I decided to give it a try for one month. Continue reading →


The “Plus-Size” ISSUE: Why Are Women So Hard to Swallow? (Is It Our Big Bones?)

Glamour Magazine probably didn’t mean to start a riot when they published their Plus-Size Issue, but that’s what happened. It was supposed to be a publication for women, sizes 12 and up, that made them feel empowered and accepted. Glamour stumbled into a minefield though, when it listed it’s favorite Plus-Size Women. Imagine Amy Schumer’s surprise when she found her self-proclaimed size-6 name on that list. Schumer then stepped into a minefield of her own when she called out Glamour for including her, and enraged a world full of plus-size women in the process.

So now, pretty much everyone is pissed off.

Every day, I find another article circling social media that bashes Amy Schumer for disrespecting plus-size women. I understand why everyone is mad at her, but I also understand why Amy was offended in the first place. We ALL might understand it better if we just renamed Glamour’s Plus Size Issue, and called it the Big Girl Issue. Continue reading →