Claflin & Weisz


Are you one of those people who rolls their eyes at the big blockbusters that come out this time of year? Would you prefer something quiet, but filled with dread and possibly…a little sex? Then YOU should grab passes to see My Cousin Rachel, starring Rachel Weisz as an Englishwoman who may or may not be a seductress/murderer. It’s based on a Daphne Du Maurier novel, who also wrote what became Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and The Birds. My favorite part of this movie is that Rachel’s cousin, Phillip, falls in love with her. He’s played by Sam Claflin, who is a full 17-years-younger than Rachel Weisz. Continue reading →

Vikander & Fassbender

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Light Between Oceans” (the Joy of Feeling Sad)

Why do we enjoy sad stories?

You know, like the ones about abandoned baby monkeys who get adopted by cats or those military dads who surprise their kids at school after months apart. Just this morning, I was bawling over a Major League Baseball player who got his first home-run after his dad died. We see these stories on social media and, even though we know it’ll leave us with swollen eyes and snotty noses, we click that PLAY button every time.

Why? Does the monotony of LIFE leave us so numb that we need a piglet in a homemade wheelchair to feel again?

I don’t have the answers, but I do know I love a good cry and the best ones come from movies.

Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment, and Somewhere in Time are some of the best ones to cry through, but my all-time-FAVORITE is The Color Purple. I’ve been known to rewind and watch certain scenes repeatedly, just so I can keep crying. Ooo, like this one where Celie is reunited with her family.

And now my nose is running. Continue reading →