Dawson & Heigl


The premise for Unforgettable terrifies me.
Your man’s EX, who is keep-her-away-from-rabbits-batsh*t CRAZY, gets him back by convincing him you’re the crazy one.
Chilling, right? Mostly because it wouldn’t take THAT much convincing before my husband would be squeezing me into a straight jacket.
The cast of Unforgettable makes it even more believable, with Rosario Dawson playing the NEW GIRLFRIEND and Katherine Heigl playing the EX. Rosario seems like a cool drinking buddy while Katherine would obviously burn all your shit to the ground, just for the cardio.
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Lego Batman


I NEVER expected to like the first Lego Movie and, as I always say, Low Expectations Are a Film’s Best Friend.
Like that line? Feel free to use it.
The first Lego Movie ended up in my Top 10 Favorite Films of 2014, so now I’m trying to reel in my expectations for The Lego Batman Movie. My kids, on the other hand, are full-blown PUMPED about it.
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FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Puerto Ricans in Paris” ON ME!

Luis Guzman is an unsung hero.

This occurred to me recently while watching one of my all-time-FAVORITES, The Count of Monte Cristo. Guzman plays Edmond Dantes’ devoted friend Jacopo, but he’s also played a million other characters you’ve loved, in films like Out of Sight, Traffic, and OF COURSE Boogie Nights! That’s not even counting all the TV he’s done over the years, so it’s nice to see Luis Guzman get his name above the title in Puerto Ricans in Paris.

It stars Guzman and Edgar Garcia as New York detectives who are sent to Paris, in search of a black market thief. It’s a fish-out-of-water tale as they stumble through the world of high fashion, searching for a stolen design. Sounds like loads of fun and I have your free passes! Just click HERE to grab those, then check out the trailer below. And HOLY CLEAVAGE! How hot is Rosario Dawson?!