Fred Rogers

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Why do you think everyone is flipping out over Won’t You Be My Neighbor? This documentary about Fred Rogers and his Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has been blowing audiences out of the water at film festivals everywhere. Even it’s trailer moves most people to tears (me included) with long forgotten images of Mr. McFeely, Lady Aberlin and of course, those famous blue sneakers. What is it about this TV show and especially this man that seems so important and necessary right now? Could it be Fred Rogers’ commitment to children, or to honesty, or his continued assertion that everyone is special and deserving of love? I don’t know, but I’m tearing up just thinking about it and simply can’t wait too see this movie! So, do you want to see Won’t You Be My Neighbor EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

Egort, Foxx, Hamm


No, it isn’t Boss Baby. It isn’t Baby Mama, either. While we’re at it, Baby Driver isn’t Bridget Jones’s Baby, Rosemary’s Baby or any other BABY movie that would make you readily dismiss it. Baby Driver is actually the latest from Writer/Director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs the World) and it tells the story of a young get-away driver who is pulled into a dangerous heist. Ansel Egort plays Baby alongside a cast including Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Flea, Jon Hamm and a whole host of other people you’d like to have drinks with. If you still aren’t interested in Baby Driver, know that critics are FLIPPING OUT over it. Here’s just one of the raves from Jada Yuan at
“Plays out like blasting your coolest friend’s record collection in your car at 100 mph on the Atlanta freeway while cops close in on all sides – essentially what happens in the movie again and again, to always-riveting effect.”
So, NOW do you want to see Baby Driver EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

A Monster Calls


Is it just me or was Felicity Jones in every movie that came out this year? OK, after cruising her IMDB page, I realize she was only in 4 movies in 2016, but when those include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story AND the new Dan Brown movie Inferno, it sure SEEMS like every movie. Now Felicity Jones stars in A Monster Calls, about a little boy who befriends a monster while coping with his mother’s illness. I’ve seen this one and it’s beautiful, as well as terribly sad. It also has a message about humans and how confusing our behavior is at times, which I think is terribly important at the end of a tumultuous year. Even better, we get to see A Monster Calls EARLY and FOR FREE! Just click HERE to grab those free passes, then watch the trailer below. Also, in case you were wondering, that IS Liam Neeson’s wonderful voice as The Monster.