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“Julie Says So” Movies to See RIGHT NOW

Christmas and New Years are behind us, but many folks are lucky enough to still have a few days off. It’s the perfect time to hit the theater and there are some excellent flicks to see on your own OR with the family. Here are the “Julie Says So” Movies to See RIGHT NOW, and remember to find tickets and showtimes through the Alamo Drafthouse links I’ve provided. Buying your tickets through this website is easy AND it supports in the process.

Mary Poppins Returns is getting mixed reviews, but critics would probably say the same about the original if it was released today. It’s hard to not be cynical about this kind of candy-coated Disney whimsy, but what’s the point? Sure, it’s a bit strange to see hand-drawn animation and this level of wide-eyed theatrics in 2019, but it’s also a little refreshing. In other words, if you go into Mary Poppins Returns expecting anything other than singing penguins and dancing lamp-lighters, maybe the movie ISN’T the problem. (B)
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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Forest” and the REAL Story of Japan’s Suicide Forest

I saw The Forest last night and left the theater CONVINCED I’d been “Blair Witched.” That’s when someone tells you a scary story that’s supposed to be true, but it ends up being total crap. I decided a few hours after seeing The Forest, that the haunted woods it featured weren’t real and that the stories I’d read about it were nothing but publicity. I dug a little deeper this morning though, and found out that the Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Fuji does exist and it actually IS known as the “Suicide Forest.” The unsettling history behind the area is true as well, which has led locals to claim the woods are haunted for centuries. The Aokigahara has a true mystique and sadness about it, which is why many people are outraged that Hollywood made a cheesy horror movie about it. Continue reading →