The Miracle Season


Did you know that Volleyball is a monstrous craze for girls? I didn’t either until my daughters reached around 9-years-old and started asking about it. Apparently all the girls their age were playing so, of course, they had to play too. There are Girls’ Volleyball teams and leagues EVERYWHERE and some families spend all their free time sitting on bleachers, watching their girls play. Seriously. I have friends who spend entire weekends, watching games while sipping vodka cocktails out of Yeti coffee mugs. If you are one of them, The Miracle Season might not be for you, but I bet your daughters would love it.
This one tells the true story of a high school volleyball team that has to rebuild after the death of it’s star player. The Miracle Season stars Erin Moriarty (Kings of Summer, Captain Fantastic) and Helen Hunt (you know who Helen Hunt is) and looks like it’s going to be a real tear-jerker. It’s also a film with a positive message that targets young girls, and we simply don’t see enough of those.
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