Jane McGarry & Julie Fisk

OUT & ABOUT (Easter Edition) on “Good Morning Texas”

My kids are going to be out for Easter break for 5 straight days!!!
You’d better believe I’ve been looking for fun and CHEAP things to do with them, which is exactly what I shared on Good Morning Texas today. Watch that by clicking HERE, or look below for everything I mentioned, as well as a few I liked but didn’t have time to get to: Continue reading →

Sarabia, McGarry, Corning & Fisk

Oscar Predictions & “Get Out” Review on GOOD MORNING TEXAS

I joined Jane McGarry, Alanna Sarabia and Ron Corning on Good Morning Texas today to review a movie I can’t stop thinking or talking about: Get Out. If I said, “Get out of your house and see Get Out this weekend,” would you want to punch me in the face? Continue reading →

Stevens and Watson

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Beauty and the Beast” EARLY & FOR FREE

I cried like a baby when I saw the trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know why I got so emotional about it, but it didn’t stop with that first time. Now, whenever I see the trailer, or even hear it in the other room, I get all choked up. If you’re having the same bizarre reaction, you’ll be happy to know that I have passes to see Beauty and the Beast EARLY and FOR FREE! Just click HERE to snag those, then cry through the trailer below with me.
Beauty and the Beast opens March 17th and you can buy advance tickets HERE.

Tanner Kloven, Gwen Reyes, Alanna Sarabia

Reviewing “Fifty Shades Darker” on GOOD MORNING TEXAS

There are few things that I enjoy talking about MORE than movies and smut. It’s a very special day when I get to combine the two! Even better, I got to discuss the ins and outs of Fifty Shades Darker today with some of my favorite people: Gwen Reyes from Fresh Fiction, Tanner Kloven from AMP 103.7, and the adorable Alanna Sarabia on Good Morning Texas. The conversation got a little dirty (we even made Alanna blush) but we didn’t beat around the bush with our opinions. So, should you see Fifty Shades Darker? Click HERE to watch our segment, then go ahead and buy your tickets because you KNOW you’re going to see it anyway!

Holiday Traditions

HOLIDAY TRADITIONS on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today, talking about my favorite Holiday Traditions. If you missed it, just click HERE to watch it on www.WFAA.com. There were several traditions I DIDN’T mention though, like drinking the strong homemade eggnog my husband whips up every year and nodding off while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Or the annual custom of crying over maxed out credit cards and never-ending Christmas lists. Ahh, the holidays! No, today we talked about fun stuff, like parades, pageants and festive ballerinas. OK, so there was ONE burlesque show in there but these are MY traditions we’re talking about. If any of them sounded fun to you, check out the list below and click the links for more information. Continue reading →


“Julie Says So” Top 8 Movies to See RIGHT NOW

There are quite a few new movies out this week so I had to make some updates to my list. Unfortunately, not ALL of the new releases made it into the Top 8 Movies, but I was really surprised by the ones that did. Continue reading →

Jane McGarry

“Good Morning Texas” Fall Movie Preview (Plus Reviews of SULLY & BRIDGET JONES’S BABY)

I’m really excited about all the great movies opening this month. You can tell by the crazy-eyes I’m giving Jane McGarry above, can’t you? Some HUGE films are coming up, starting with Sully, which opens this weekend. Click HERE if you’d like to watch my review of Tom Hanks’ latest and hear my thoughts on Bridget Jones’s Baby. I also cover some films with a Texas Connection: Hell or High Water and The Hollars, which stars Jacksonville’s own Margo Martindale.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my website so you’ll always know when I’m giving away free movie passes. I STILL can’t find anyone to see Blair Witch with me! Gee, I wonder why?


Free Film Festival Passes!!!

I have free passes to 2 film festivals this weekend, which is a HUGE relief for those of us who are completely out of funds. Seriously, I have 2 birthdays to shop for right now AND loads of back-to-school crap to buy. There’s also that massive summer vacation that just drained the reserves so thank goodness for freebies!

The McKinney Classic Film Festival is this Friday through Sunday and will feature the screwball comedies of Cary Grant. Sure he’s funny, but let’s all just take a moment to remember what a smoking hot fox Mr. Grant was.
Damn. Well, if you’d like to watch him be all cute and sexy FOR FREE, I have passes to watch 5 of his movies in historic downtown McKinney! Don’t feel like watching all 5 movies? Then leave and get a cocktail somewhere! You can do whatever you want because you didn’t pay for them!

I have 3 pairs of passes and they will go to the first 3 people who put their names in the comments (along with “McKinney” and the city on their driver’s license). Yes, they will check your ID at “Will Call” so don’t bother trying to cheat. If you don’t win but still want to buy tickets to the festival, click HERE.

I also have free passes to the Women Texas Film Festival that’s happening at the Texas Theatre all weekend. This brand new event will feature the works of established and emerging female filmmakers, as well as panel discussions, classes and PARTIES! Oh heck yeah, there’s even a karaoke night! I have 5 pairs of passes for the first 5 people who put their names in the comments (along with “Women TX” and the city on their driver’s license). If you don’t win but would like to buy tickets to the Women Texas Film Festival, just click HERE.

Don’t be greedy and try to get free passes to BOTH! You’ll have to choose one or the other and share the love. Have fun and watch out because you’ll probably see me there. Oh yes, because everything’s more fun when it’s FREE!


Talking SUMMER MOVIES on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today to talk about all the big movies that are coming out this month AND review The Conjuring 2. I also got to meet their brand new host Alanna Sarabia, who is so gorgeous that I just wanted to stare at her the whole time. Click HERE to watch the segment and don’t forget to cruise my Free Movie Passes page for FREEBIES!