PODCAST: “Julie Says So” Kayaks Muffins & Walrus Sex

I must have been partially drunk when I recorded this one. First I said it’s May 5th when it’s obviously May 6th. THEN I said, “Speaking of movies,” when NO ONE was speaking of movies. This podcast includes references to boating with snakes, fighting with fishermen, hormonal meltdowns and yes…sex with a walrus. I guess I really WAS partially drunk when I recorded this!

Don’t forget that the “Julie Says So” Podcast is brought to you by Veecaravan. Check out their Pop-Up Shop in Deep Ellum this weekend!


City Hikes: The White Rock Paddle Company (*Beware of Snakes & Spiders)

I’ve been reviewing area hiking trails since January but it’s starting to get HOT out there. Sure, I like to hike but once temperatures excede 90 degrees, I get a little whiny. That’s why I’ve decided to also review kayak and paddleboard rental agencies over the summer. If you KNOW of any, please leave those suggestions in the “Comments” section.

I hit The White Rock Paddle Company last week and was THRILLED to see they were open again. Continue reading →