When the first images of the new, live-action Aladdin were released in December, social media took one deep breath, then collectively shat itself. Twitter in particular went of the rails with gleeful vivisections of Will Smith’s “Genie,” comparing unkindly him to a post-diet Sinbad. You can read bits of that feeding-frenzy HERE, but the new Aladdin is actually getting good reviews. Sorry to rain on anyone’s “Everything Sucks” parade, but Guy Ritchie’s version of the Disney classic is being called “lavish,” “enjoyable,” and one guy even used the word “amazing.” You can read those reviews HERE if you don’t believe me, or you could just go see the new Aladdin EARLY and FOR FREE! Click HERE if you’d like passes to that free screening, then watch the trailer below. I even included a newly released clip of Will Smith singing “Prince Ali” to help you decide.
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Jane McGarry & Julie Fisk

Reviewing December Movies on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today to talk about all the best movies December has to offer. Interested in seeing La La Land, Office Christmas Party or Sing? I can tell you if they’re worth your time. Want free passes to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Passengers, or Collateral Beauty? I can help with that, too! Just click HERE to watch the segment, then check out my Free Movie Passes page to see what’s available.

Will Smith & Helen Mirren

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Collateral Beauty” EARLY and FOR FREE

Will Smith is pretty excited about his co-stars in Collateral Beauty. He recently said, “If we are all judged by the company we keep … then I want this cast with me for life!” His excitement is understandable, with a line-up that includes Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Keira Knightley. That’s two Oscar winners and three Oscar nominees, if you’re counting AND you include Will Smith. He plays an advertising executive who suffers a tremendous loss, then writes letters to Love, Time and Death as a way to cope. Imagine his surprise when they write back! So, would you like to see Collateral Beauty EARLY and FOR FREE? Click HERE to get your passes if so, then watch the trailer below. Oh yeah…this one is going to make me cry, too.


PODCAST: “Suicide Squad” Movie Review with Rebekah Black & Tim Vasquez

I got to see Suicide Squad with Rebekah Black and guest-critic, Tim Vasquez last night. Sooo, was it any good? Did it live up to that phenomenal trailer? Was Jared Leto a decent Joker? More importantly, did it wash the taste of the Godawful Batman v Superman out of our mouths? Listen to the podcast to find out, and while you’re here, don’t forget to snag some free movie passes!


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Suicide Squad” ON ME!

We’re all still shaking our heads over the Batman v Superman disappointment we were hit with back in March. Despite that, I can’t help but get a little excited about Suicide Squad. I’m like that duck at the pond who keeps coming back to you, even when you’re just throwing rocks at it.

It’s hard to NOT get jazzed about Suicide Squad when you see Margot Robbie strutting around as Harley Quinn or you hear the stories about Jared Leto scaring co-stars as the Joker. He supposedly NEVER got out of character and even sent creepy things to them in the mail, like dead animals and used condoms. Scott Eastwood said, at one point, he wanted to call the cops on Leto. Plus, I want to see Ben Affleck play Batman again. He wasn’t my favorite part of Batman v Superman (that goes to Gal Gadot) but he came a close second.

We won’t care that it sucks if we see it for FREE, right? That’s why I’m giving away free passes! If you’d like to see Suicide Squad early and for free, just click HERE, then watch the trailer again. Omigod, QUEEN!!!


PODCAST: Oscar Chat with Mike Cohen of WILS Lansing, MI

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Mike Cohen of WILS Lansing, Michigan for having me on yesterday. I had a blast talking about the 2016 Oscars with him, but I was totally WRONG about a few things. First of all, Jennifer Lawrence DID win the Best Actress Golden Globe this year, but it was for a “Comedy or Musical.” I always forget that they break up the categories. Also, Idris Elba CAN’T be an African American because he’s BRITISH! Man, I’m repeatedly smacking my head over that one. Please listen to the podcast below and feel free to tell me what else I was wrong about, except my Oscar picks. We all know I’m right about those. Thanks Again Mike!


MOVIE REVIEW: “Concussion” Tells An Important Story, Then Blows It

I saw a Frontline special a few years ago called League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis and it blew my mind. It told the story of a new brain disease called CTE that had been discovered in former football players and how the NFL tried to deny its existence. The special also talked about the man who discovered the disease, Dr. Bennet Omalu, and how the NFL had tried to discredit him. I was shocked to see that the same people who brought us Sunday Night Football could be so careless with it’s own players. I thought the world would be outraged.

I was wrong.

Football season kicked in and the NFL essentially went back to business as usual.

Concussion hits theaters Christmas Day and promises to tell the same story but will IT spark the outrage that the Frontline special did not?

Probably not.

According to The New York Times, we can thank Sony Pictures for this, as well as director Peter Landesman and even Will Smith, who PLAYS Dr. Omalu. They wanted to tell the story of CTE, but they were also very concerned about upsetting the NFL. They even tried to reach out to the NFL for input. Sony, Landesman and Will Smith’s representatives decided together to make Concussion more about the whistle-blower than the corrupt organization that was trying to hide his evidence. We know all of this because hackers unearthed the emails they passed back and forth and shared them with the world. You can read that whole story by clicking HERE, though Landesman and Sony say it’s completely misleading. They insist that any changes that were made to the writing didn’t alter the story and that it is still completely truthful.

Having seen Concussion, I can say that it tells a story similar to the Frontline special and that the NFL is still taken to task for ignoring the problem. The desire to protect the NFL has left Concussion without an ending, though. Members of the NFL seem like they’re ready to acknowledge CTE at the close of movie, but there is no mention of future changes or plans to help players who already have it. Concussion starts out like a cautionary tale, but it ultimately ends with a shrug of it’s shoulders.

It’s so disappointing because Concussion could have been a great movie. Will Smith does some of his best work in YEARS as Dr. Omalu, but it will be overshadowed by the controversy and his need to play it safe. Concussion could have possibly made a real difference and maybe even saved some lives. Instead, it becomes a mirror image of the exact kind of dishonesty it attacks and thats why I’m giving Concussion an F. You can read more about the devastating affects of CTE and how it has been found in 87 of the 91 deceased NFL players tested recently, by clicking HERE.