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Award-Winning Film “Quality Problems” is Now on VOD!!!

One of my favorite films from last year’s Women Texas Film Festival is being released today on VOD and I couldn’t be more excited! Quality Problems ran the Film Festival circuit this past year and won just about every award it was up for. I even wrote a swoon-y review for it back in August, which you can read below.

“When you grow up, you realize that movies, even the ones you love, tend to get it all wrong. You figure out that ROMANCE actually has nothing to do with sunsets, sexy underwear or hot-tubs. Real romance comes from things like a shared history, commitment and intimate moments that are often not sexy at all. You realize that real HORROR has nothing to do with clowns or haunted dolls, but stems from scary diagnoses or a parent’s failing health. You also figure out that true COMEDY doesn’t have to come from a team of well-paid writers. Your biggest belly-laughs usually come from your best friends, who can crack you up with one look or line. That’s why Quality Problems, a film about being a grown-up, is a ROMANCE, a COMEDY and a HORROR flick, all at the same time. Written by Brooke Purdy (and co-directed with her husband Doug), it’s loosely based on Brooke’s own cancer diagnosis and how they kept their family-life on track during her treatments (the Purdys own children even play themselves). It’s a story so familiar and intimate, you sometimes feel like you shouldn’t be watching. Quality Problems also has it’s laugh-out-loud moments because humor tends to find a way, even in our darkest hours. (A)” Continue reading →

Film Festival

The Women Texas Film Festival (& Why You Should GO!)

We talk so often about the lack of representation in film and the rotten roles women are usually offered. We complain loud and long about the sad number of female directors, writers, and even critics but we know the truth. The film industry runs on $$$$$$ and that will ALWAYS be the deciding factor when it comes to what-gets-made-and-when.
That’s why we need to show up.
We need to get behind every solid piece of film-making that is offered by women and, if you aren’t already on board, The Women Texas Film Festival is a fantastic place to start.
The Women Texas Film Festival runs August 16th through the 20th and is the only full-fledged, female-focused film festival in Texas (read it’s D Magazine feature HERE). Continue reading →


Free Film Festival Passes!!!

I have free passes to 2 film festivals this weekend, which is a HUGE relief for those of us who are completely out of funds. Seriously, I have 2 birthdays to shop for right now AND loads of back-to-school crap to buy. There’s also that massive summer vacation that just drained the reserves so thank goodness for freebies!

The McKinney Classic Film Festival is this Friday through Sunday and will feature the screwball comedies of Cary Grant. Sure he’s funny, but let’s all just take a moment to remember what a smoking hot fox Mr. Grant was.
Damn. Well, if you’d like to watch him be all cute and sexy FOR FREE, I have passes to watch 5 of his movies in historic downtown McKinney! Don’t feel like watching all 5 movies? Then leave and get a cocktail somewhere! You can do whatever you want because you didn’t pay for them!

I have 3 pairs of passes and they will go to the first 3 people who put their names in the comments (along with “McKinney” and the city on their driver’s license). Yes, they will check your ID at “Will Call” so don’t bother trying to cheat. If you don’t win but still want to buy tickets to the festival, click HERE.

I also have free passes to the Women Texas Film Festival that’s happening at the Texas Theatre all weekend. This brand new event will feature the works of established and emerging female filmmakers, as well as panel discussions, classes and PARTIES! Oh heck yeah, there’s even a karaoke night! I have 5 pairs of passes for the first 5 people who put their names in the comments (along with “Women TX” and the city on their driver’s license). If you don’t win but would like to buy tickets to the Women Texas Film Festival, just click HERE.

Don’t be greedy and try to get free passes to BOTH! You’ll have to choose one or the other and share the love. Have fun and watch out because you’ll probably see me there. Oh yes, because everything’s more fun when it’s FREE!