THANK YOU for “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

I just wanted to send a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who made last night’s screening of Alice Through the Looking Glass happen. We had such a great time and I loved seeing everyone who came out.

First, I have to thank The Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson for showing the movie and for making those lovely cocktails for us. I think the biggest hit of the night had to be the massive EAT ME cookies. I even saw a few people shoving extras in their purses!

Thank you also to OPI and Urban Decay for the nail polishes and make-up they gave to us as party favors. That blue nail polish will go fast in my house!

HUGE thanks also to Disney and to Jenna Doran from Susan Jacobs, Inc. for making this happen. I should also thank Raymond Garcia for being there to help and for looking adorable, like usual. Most importantly, THANK YOU to everyone who came to see Alice Through the Looking Glass and to hang out with us! I hope you enjoyed it and the whole night as much as we did!

Don’t forget that Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in theaters May 26th!


  1. Thank you so much to all involved. We had the best time ever and the movie was amazing! My granddaughters felt very special being able to see the movie way before their friends and some of their friends didn’t even believe them. Haha! The EAT ME cookies were definitely a highlight. So whimsical! The little looking glasses, the posters, the props for the photos in the lobby, etc.etc. Fun fun fun! Thanks again y’all!

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