The JULIE SAYS SO “Movie Minute” 12/6/17

Want to see a movie but you’re not quite sure which one? Or do you just want to hear about the new movies hitting theaters this week? Maybe you love going to the theater but need freebies so you can save cash for the holidays.
I can help you with all of this in the JULIE SAYS SO Movie Minute!
Check it out below and feel free to share with anyone who’d appreciate it. Remember to find Free Movie Passes HERE and check back frequently to see what I’m giving away next.
I didn’t have time to write about everything that’s opening this week, but you can find reviews for Darkest Hour by clicking HERE, and for Wonder Wheel but clicking HERE.
I forgot to mention some early screenings for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle that are happening this Friday. They’re for Amazon Prime members ONLY, so click HERE to get all of those details.
Huge thanks to Chris Jagger, Melissa Plaskow and Jantzen Ray for putting this together for me. Next week I’ll cover Star Wars: The Last Jedi and hopefully figure out what to do with my hands!

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