The “Julie Says So” MOVIE MINUTE Podcast (w/ help from HAUNTED AF)

“Ugh…now they’re screaming about movies.”

Rebekah Black and I love working together. It started years ago, during our CBS Radio days. We worked on morning shows for different stations but palled around in the break-room whenever we could. We started covering movies together and the rest is history…sort of.

She and I started the Haunted AF podcast in 2019 and it caught on in a way we didn’t see coming. Covid gave us time to focus on the spooky stuff, since theaters were closed, but all of that is changing. Movies are back and we’re ready to talk about them when we’re not talking about ghosts, UFOs and/or Bigfoot. That’s why I’ve launched the Julie Says So MOVIE MINUTE podcast, with Rebekah co-hosting whenever possible. We should be on all podcast platforms soon but, until then, you can listen for free on Buzzsprout right HERE. And if you haven’t already, find the Haunted AF podcast on any podcast platform or at Below is our appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show this past Halloween.

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